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The Coworking Europe 2014 conference in Lisbon will be a great success, as well, thanks to the provision of the finest food from Portugal generously supplied by local food and beverages producers.

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Cortes de Cima,  Capinha d’Obidas, Cestos de Aldeia and Limiano Cheese.


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The number of coworking spaces exceeds hundred in some cities

With time, coworking is growing as the global mega-trend ones expected it would once become.

In some cities, in 2014, the coworking population exceeds a hundred. And far from slowing down, the unfolding of the coworking landscape seems to be accelerating. In some metropoles, coworking is covering the whole urban map.

Have a look at some of those megapoles. We could have added many more examples.


London is getting closer to a 100 coworking spaces threshold according to CoworkingLondon. The figures are confirmed, in a way, by Gocowo, another Londonese coworking spaces directory.

Coworking London


According to La Fonderie-IDF, the organizing partner of the Coworking Europe conference in 2012, 66 coworking spaces are in operation, nowadays, in the French capital city. The digital agency of Paris-Ile de France is confident that Paris will soon be in a position to claim more than 100 operating coworking spaces.

Coworking Map Paris


One of the bedrock of Coworking in Europe, Berlin has seen coworking spaces blossoming everywhere in the city. Dozens are now open and running, confirms Projektzukunft Berlin.
Coworking Map Berlin


Spain being the number 1 coworking country in Europe, it’s no accident that Barcelona is nowadays the metropole with the highest coworking spaces density in the world. A big deal of the more than 100 spaces Barcelona has now pop on this map produced by Coworking Spain.
Coworking Map Barcelona


As for Barcelona, Madrid seems to be experiencing a coworking boom which should have, no doubt, an impact on the unfolding entrepreneurial and creative energy of the city (source of the map : Coworking Spain).
Coworking Map Madrid

New York City

Outside Europe, New York City is obviously another unmissable world coworking hotspot. According to WNYC, dozens of coworking spaces are in operation all across the megapole. Behind those walls, the future of the 21st century digital/sustainable/distributed economy is taking shape.
Coworking MAp NYC

The Coworking wave hits the planet everywhere : 10 astonishing examples

The Coworking wave hits the planet everywhere : 10 astonishing examples

Looking at the Global Coworking Map or any other regularly updated Coworking directory that are now available online, it’s becoming harder to find a coworking space-free area outside low human density territories like Amazonia, Sahara or Siberia.

Coworking is covering up more and more regions and cities all around the globe. Although Europe and North America are still ahead of the move, Asia, Africa or, mostly, Latin America, are experiencing what could become soon a boom of coworking spaces in their respective urban centers.

No more New York, Berlin, London or Madrid as the only coworking friendly cities on the planet. Time has come to add Reykjavik, Yangon, Yerevan, Addis Ababa or even Peshawar to the list.

With four new coworking spaces opening up, on average, every day somewhere on the planet, no surprise to see Armenia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Pakistan and more widely embracing the coworking move forward.

Coworking Globap Map

Some of these initiatives are supported by foreign outsiders (investor or NGO’s). Others are home grown.

For most of them, a coworking space is the bedrock on which a local breed of digital globally connected entrepreneurs can and will germinate, paving the way for the companies and skilled jobs of tomorrow. Many operate as local embassies of the shared economy on the local level, as regional platform to host standardized inspiring format such as TEDx, Startup Weekend and connect, by doing so, to the rest of the world.

Almost all of them want to support the development of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and freelancers, likewise in Europe or in North America.

Here is a list of ten of those new Coworking destinations :

Reykjavik Coworking, Reykjavik, Iceland 

Reykjavik Coworking

Reykjavik Coworking












UtopianLab, Yerevan, Armenia 

Ice Addis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Hub Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Hubud, Bali, Indonesia

Basecamp, Peshawar, Pakistan 

TEDxPeshawar – Amir Anzur from Webpreneur Academy on Vimeo.

ActivSpaces, Douala, Cameroon 

Project Hub Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar

Angkor Hub, Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor Hub

41 countries represented at Coworking Europe 2013

One sleep is separating us from the start of Coworking Europe Conference 2013, so far 301 people have registered from 41 countries, here is the list:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, La Réunion (France), Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

Map of represented countries at Coworking Europe 2013

41 Countries represented at the Coworking Europe Conference 2013

See you there in a few hours,

Organising team, Coworking Europe Conference 2013




Coworking in 2013 : still burgeoning but the roots are growing deeper

Coworking Europe is indeed, just around the corner.

For the 4th year the Coworking Europe conference takes a deep look at the developments of the burgeoning industry.

Having a look back at the topics of the past till now, we see a continuing growth of what is now undeniably an industry of onto itself. Although still young, many of the stakeholders involved are no longer new buds just peeking out of the ground, let’s say the movement is in late-spring, and roots are growing deeper.


Here is a bit of a look of what is to come in mid-November.

The Seed :

Although there is always room for debate, and most people involved in coworking are always up for a debate – the term ‘coworking’ was coined in 2006 in San Francisco.

One of the reasons for debate is that coworking has seemed to pop up all around the world, a new species of work, that finds its identity with coworking after late nights of business planning and research online.

For a few years already, we have seen coworking on every continent but Antarctica. People who came together to work started a space, opened it up to others, communities formed, and the spaces found a global community online to connect with.

  • This year we will see where seeds are taking hold in, what for some are, unexpected territories, like Moscow.

The Seedlings :

Once the first buds come up, there is some care needed to ensure that they take root. Seasoned proprietors are, more often than not, eager to share best practices.

  • Knowing what is important to the coworker is important to be successful. We will look at values, member profiles, event, service quality : how to craft good coworking storytelling.
  • Find some new recipes for bringing in revenue.
  • Understanding how communities can be built and thrive is also a great basic to have in your pocket.
  • The StartUp Europe program and how it can support coworking

Fruits of Labor :

Many spaces which find success, find themselves with fruits that bear the seeds for new spaces. Although it is not for everyone to expand to bigger and multiple spaces, there is surely something to learn from these pioneers in the industry, and from their success.

  • Managing success : How to grow when you reach the limits of your coworking space
  • A Toronto based coworking space widening its footprint in its neighbourhood and fueling a flow of new initiatives in Ontario
  • The emergence of a coworking chain brand

Evolution :

Along the way there are those that do not make it, for one reason or another they are not able to last. The reasons are diverse. Luckily for this community, the predilection to share does not go away even in the face of failure. To look forward on the positive side of this we can all learn from the folks who will share the story of why their spaces failed.

  • What can we learn from coworking failures?
  • Can only big coworking spaces become profitable ?

Hybrids and Mutation :

Those who have an interest in coworking are often very innovative in their own ways of thinking and developing new projects, so why stop at coworking. Hybrids of different concepts are popping up and testing the ground. Additionally there are completely new stakeholders giving it a go. Organisms are constantly evolving, adapting, and changing, this is natural and healthy of course.

  • Makerspace, Fablabs, Hackerspaces and coworking spaces… : another face of the coworking growing success
  • Hybrid coworking : can business centers, incubators, flexible office providers become coworking space operators?
  • coworking + startup/innovation accelerator : a winning model of the 21st century industrial revolution?
  • The Swiss Railway company changes its innovation culture with a mixture of co-operation, co-innovation and coworking.
  • We are a traditional real estate operator and we have built up a successful coworking offering

The Forest :

In some areas coworking spaces are indeed an eco-system. Some cities host 100 or more spaces within their borders and many spaces are seeing how they can collaborate. As in a forest, the plants that grow within have an effect on the surrounding landscapes.

  • more than 100 coworking spaces in operation : what impact for the city inner dynamics
  • a large scale coworking Space reshaping downtown Chicago’s economy 
  • Why is coworking becoming so important for city development?
  • Collaboration between coworking spaces : a cute illusion or the real next step?

The sky is the limit…or maybe not. The International Space Station already houses a shared work space for employees of different organizations. Maybe one day we will see coworking, or some evolved form of it, breathing life in to projects that are truly out of this world.

In the time of now, we will meet and discuss as a global community of over 50 speakers, representing a myriad of stakeholders, face to face with others from around the world. The above mentioned topics and sessions are just a taste of what’s to come at the Coworking Europe conference, so come hungry.

Julianne Becker 


Julianne Becker has been writing about Coworking and Social Media for many years. She is known as one of the best expert on those topics. Julianne has been a key support of the Coworking Europe Conference since 2011.

Coworking Europe 2013 : the last news about the conference

Coworking Europe 2013 : the last news about the conference

Heading towards november, the program of the Coworking Europe 2013 conference looks more exciting every day.

Michael Komarov

Michael Komarov, Work Station (Moscow)

Close to 50 speakers and panelists from across Europe and beyond are expected for this fourth edition.

Benjamin Dyett, from Grind, one of the growing Coworking brand in the US, confirmed his attendance. After New York, Grind will soon open two additional coworking spaces in New York City and Chicago. Grind has made the demonstration that Coworking spaces professionally and soundly managed is an healthy and self sustaining business.

Manuel Gesser, head of startup relations for the Swiss Railway company (SBB), will share his thoughts about the Coworking space SBB recently opened in Zurich in order to connect with the Swiss digital ecosystem.

Close to 100 Coworking spaces are nowadays in operation in Barcelona. Cristina Martinez-Sandoval Riera, from Gracia Work Center, will provide us with an overview of the booming Barcelona Coworking scene and of the drivers behind it.

Many more speakers are confirmed, such as Todd Heiser (1871, Chicago), James Friedenthal (Club Workspace, London), Ashley Proctor (Foundery, Toronto), Michael Komarov (Work Station, Moscow)… Have a look at the great lineup we have again this year, although the program is still a work in progress.

Best practices sharing and peer to peer learning 

Of course, the Coworking Europe conference offers, moslty, the opportunity to share best practices with best in class operators, as well as to network with professionals from many countries.

On Day 2, 40 different participative discussions will take place during the unconference, giving room for great peer to peer learnings.

The agenda will be co-created on the spot by the more than 300 expected delegates.

Practical workshops and a tour of the Barcelona’s broad coworking landscape are scheduled on Day 3.

Early Bird registration until July 31st

Early Bird conditions are offered for the Coworking community. It gives registrees a 50% discount on the full registration price.

The Early Bird registration period for the international Coworking scene ends on July 31st. Do not wait too long.

Coworking Europe Conference 2013

Barcelona -the 11, 12 and 13th of November 2013

The Coworking Europe 2013 conference takes place in Barcelona on November 11,12 and 13th 2013.

More information about the program and the venue are available on our website

Coworking Europe 2013 is co-organised by Global Enterprise, Generalitat de Catalunya and Punt TIC.


More and more great speakers confirmed for Coworking Europe 2013 (Barcelona, november 11-13th)

More and more great speakers confirmed for Coworking Europe 2013 (Barcelona, november 11-13th)

Heading towards november, the program of the Coworking Europe 2013 conference gets more and more exciting.

Benjamin Dyettfrom Grind, for instance, one of the growing Coworking brand in the US just confirmed is attendance in Barcelona, next fall.

Grind will soon open two new spaces,  in New York and Chicago. For those still suspicious about the financial soundness of stand alone coworking spaces, Grind is an evidence that professionally and soundly managed, Coworking can be a healthy self-sustaining business.

 We also expect Manuel Gesser, head of startup relations for the Swiss Railway company (SBB), as a keynoter.  The SBB recently opened up a Coworking space in Zurich.

Manuel Gesser 2

By doing so, the SBB coworking targets a double purpose : on the one hand, the company aims to tap into the entrepreneurial dynamics of the Swiss web scene ; on the other hand, they wish to bring a new, more open and agile, innovation culture from the outside in.

Ashley Proctor, from Foundery, will share  her thoughts and experience about how she and other bring together the Coworking community of Ontario, with very innovative ideas and projects


Cristina Martinez and Ricard Faura, will give the overview of the exponential rise of Coworking in Barcelona, likely the number  One coworking city in Europe, nowadays, with more than 100 identified coworking spaces.

For the first year in the Coworking Europe conference, Russia will be speaking on stage. Michael Komarov, from Cowork Station,  and Alexei Komissarov, head the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department at the Moscow Mayorship, will take part in the discussions.


Confirmed speakers and stories we will hear in Barcelona support the idea that  Coworking keeps growing stronger and faster across Europe and beyond. Although Coworking can serve different purposes, it always fits with the rising sharing/digital friendly values of our modern societies.

Have a look at the Coworking Europe 2013’s program as it looks right now. The unconference of Day 2, plus the workshops and the Barcelona Coworking tour of Day 3 will offer a lot of networking and best practices sharing as well.

Early Bird registration is open until July 31st HERE


Don’t wait too long !