24 mars 2015

Coworking Europe 2014 conference (Lisbon, Nov 26) – Workshops and tours

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24 mars 2015

Coworking Europe 2014 (Lisbon, Nov 25) – The unconference video

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13 mars 2015

Eventifier of the Coworking Europe 2014 conference, in Lisbon

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11 février 2015

Coworking Europe 2014 conference (Lisbon, Nov 24-26) – Sum up video

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28 novembre 2014

The Coworking Europe 2014 keynote presentations


Lisbon economy and innovation strategy Coworking conference from Coworking Conference Evolving Business Models Workbar Boston from Coworking Conference Talent garden – Coworking conference from Coworking Conference Hubdhaka Bangladesh – Coworking and event center from Coworking Conference Freelancers are an economically sound market – coworking from Coworking Conference The Coworking Revolution and the impact on real…

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15 novembre 2014

Thank you to our Lisbon local food and drinks suppliers !


The Coworking Europe 2014 conference in Lisbon will be a great success, as well, thanks to the provision of the finest food from Portugal generously supplied by local food and beverages producers. Here they are : Cortes de Cima,  Capinha d’Obidas, Cestos de Aldeia and Limiano Cheese.  

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2 septembre 2014

Uber to offer 20€ off on first three rides during Coworking Europe 2014 in Lisbon

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2 juillet 2014

The number of coworking spaces exceeds hundred in some cities


With time, coworking is growing as the global mega-trend ones expected it would once become. In some cities, in 2014, the coworking population exceeds a hundred. And far from slowing down, the unfolding of the coworking landscape seems to be accelerating. In some metropoles, coworking is covering the whole urban map. Have a look at some of those…

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