Our conference theme ?

Coworking Europe 2016 will be organized on November 28th, 29th and 30th in Brussels, Belgium.

The 2016’s edition aims to address openly all the topics related to the coworking model.

The conference will also be an exceptional opportunity to share best practices, connect and, why not, build up and collaborate on new exciting projects.

See Coworking Europe 2016’s program here below :

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Day 1

  • 8.45 Registration

  • 9.30 Welcome by Jean-Yves Huwart, Coworking Europe

  • 9.35 Introduction speech by the Brussels Municipality
  • 09.40 Introduction of the EU Innovation in the workplace strategy and the place of coworking in it

    Xavier Le Mounier, European Commission (Brussels, Belgium)

  • 09.55 Global Coworking Survey 2016 : disclosure of the latest data

    Carsten Foertsch, Deskmag (Berlin, Germany)

  • 10.10 China's new service based economy supported by digital hubs and communities

    Sampson Ho, WE+ (Shanghai, China)

  • 10.25 How to become a coworking world n°1 Unicorn

    Alain Brossé, co-founder Tribes (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • 10.40 Why connecting coworking spaces locally creates so much value ? - Example of the Canary Islands

    Nacho Rodriguez, CWC (Las Palmas, Spain)

  • 10.55 Molengeek - Why creating a coworking space in the worst reputated city district of Europe ?

    Julie Foulon, Molengeek (Brussels)

  • 11.10 Ice Breaker by Coworkation

    Stuart Jones, Coworkation (Australia)

  • 11.15 Coffee Break
  • 11.45 Coworking spaces now taking the shape of integrated campuses or villages

    Vishal Gupta, Kabeela.Life (London, England)

    Jean-Pierre Brossard, Darwin (Bordeaux, France)

  • 12.10 Ecosystem, Smart Cities,... All empty concepts without grassroot communities and coworking spaces?

    Taylor Tran, Innovation Melbourne (Australia)

  • 12.25 How India is becoming the next coworking hotspot

    Varun Chawla, 91Springboard (Delhi, India)

  • 12.40 ``On stage Twitter-Express``

    All attendees can line up in front of the mic on stage to introduce themselves or make an announcement or an invitation, all in 20 sec max !

  • 13.00 Lunchtime
  • 14.30 - 15.20 Panel 1 (Auditorium) - How to transform your coworking space into the main hub of your local business ecosystem ?

    • Karin Sepp, sTARTUp Hub (Estonia)
    • Fernando Mendes, CoworkLisboa (Portugal)
    • Maria Uvarova, Telegraph (Moscow)
    • Yvonne Firdaus, Factory Campus (Düsseldorf)

    Moderated by : Gareth Jones, Welsch ICE

  • 14.30 - 15.20 Panel 2 (Essensys Theater, Expo Hall) - Why digitized freelancers have more impact on the overall modern economy than startups and why is it the biggest market for coworking spaces ?

    • Matija Raos, Croatia Coworking (Zagreb, Croatia)
    • Joe Griston, Freelancer.com (London, England)
    • Pedro Jardim, Coliga (Berlin, Germany)
    • Mike Hannigan, CoworkInn (Dublin, Ireland)
    • Miroslav Miratov (Belgrade, Serbia)

    Moderated by : Marc Navarro, CREC (Barcelona)

  • 14.30 - 16.15 Masterclass for senior coworking spaces (Sylva room, 1st floor): What to do to arrange shared revenue deal with your landlord and reduce lease costs accordingly ? And to build a business model around it ?

    Vishal Gupta, Kabeela.life  (London, England)
    (Registration mandatory)

  • 15.25 - 16.15 Panel 3 (Auditorium) - Solving major social issues and bringing social good through coworking

    • Claire Carpenter, The Melting Pot (Edinburgh)
    • Ashley Proctor, Creative Blueprint (Toronto)
    • Clélie Albert, La Ruche (Paris)

    Moderated by : Steve Munroe, Hubud

  • 15.25 - 16.15 Panel 4 (Essensys Theater, Expo Hall) - The value in crafting and developing a Coworking brand

    • Stéphanie Brisson, Ahoy! Coworking (Berlin, Germany)
    • Alessa McNally, The Office Group (London, England)
    • Alain Brossé, Tribes (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Pranay Gupta, 91Springboard (Delhi, India)

    Moderated by : Liz Elam, GCUC


  • 16.15 - 16.40 Coffee Break

  • 16.40 - 17.30 Panel 5 (Auditorium) - P2P Home Coworking, Anticafés, Off-peak restaurants, Coworkation, etc. : could they become an alternative to the traditional Coworking spaces offering ?

    • Julia Kaindl, Hotel Schani (Vienna, Austria)
    • Stuart Jones, Coworkation.com (Australia)
    • Sébastien Hordeaux, FrenchWork (Toulouse, France)
    • Antonello di Muro, Workipity (Brussels, Belgium)

    Moderator : Jenny Schäpper-Uster, CoWoCH

  • 16.40 - 17.30 Panel 6 (Essensys Theater, Expo Hall) - We are building the networks of entrepreneurs and innovators : here is how coworking can help us go further

    • Karen Boers, Startup.be (Brussels)
    • Kiran Maverick, The August Fest (Hyderabad, India)
    • Gareth Jones, Welsh Ice (Cardiff)
    • Atilim Sahin, Atölye (Istanbul)

    Moderated by : Caroline van Keymeulen

  • 16.30 - 17.45 Masterclass for senior coworking spaces (Sylva Room, 1st floor): Opening up a second space. Best practices, team delegation, challenges, timing, metrics

    Ronald van de Hoff, Seats2Meet (Utrecht)

    Claire Carpenter, MeltingPot (Edinburgh)

    (Registration is mandatory)

  • 17.40 Communications (Auditorium)

    Plenary Session – Reminders and 1st wrap up

  • 19.00 Coworking Europe Aperitivo at Halles St- Géry

    Join the event here: Coworking Europe Aperitivo

    Address: 23, Place Saint-Géry. 1000 Brussels
    Free entrance

Day 2

  • 9.00 Unconference briefing (Expo Hall)
  • 9.10 Unconference sessions pitches (Expo Hall)

    By sessions leaders. (1 min each, max 21 sessions)

    Up to 21 topics will be confirmed  for the morning.

    A  new set of proposals will be decided during the day, making it possible to go deeper with some discussions.

  • 9.35 Moderation tips and expected results (Expo Hall)
  • 9.40 - 10.30 Unconference Session 1

    5 simultaneous discussion groups.

    Zone A (Expo Hall)
    Zone B (Expo Hall)
    Zone C (Auditorium)
    Zone D (Aqua, First floor)
    Zone E (Terra, First floor)

  • 10.35 - 11.25 Unconference Session 2

    5 simultaneous discussion groups.

    Zone A (Expo Hall)
    Zone B (Expo Hall)
    Zone C (Auditorium)
    Zone D (Aqua, First floor)
    Zone E (Terra, First floor)

  • 10.35 - 11.25 Masterclass for senior coworking spaces (Sylva Room, 1st floor): Should you operate your own café within your space, outsource to a franchise company or do nothing ?

    Axel Kuborn and Alexandre Ponchon, Silver Square Brussels

    Registration is mandatory

  • 11.25 - 11.50 Coffee Break

  • 11.55 - 12.45 Unconference Session 3

    5 simultaneous discussion groups.

    Zone A (Expo Hall)
    Zone B (Expo Hall)
    Zone C (Auditorium)
    Zone D (Aqua, First floor)
    Zone E (Terra, First floor)

  • 12.50 Lunchtime

  • 14.15 - 15.05 Unconference Session 4

    5 simultaneous discussion groups.

    Zone A (Expo Hall)
    Zone B (Expo Hall)
    Zone C (Auditorium)
    Zone D (Aqua, First floor)
    Zone E (Terra, First floor)

  • 15.10 - 16.00 Unconference Session 5

    5 simultaneous discussion groups.

  • 14.15 - 16.00 Masterclass for senior coworking spaces (Sylva Room, 1st floor): How do you measure your coworking business performance. Metrics and indicators.

    Anil George, 91Springboard

    Registration is mandatory

  • 16.05 - 16.30 Coffee Break

  • 16.30 - 17.20 Results presentations (Auditorium)

    Every session leader gets the opportunity to share during 1-2 minutes with the audience his/her takeaways from the discussion session they led.

  • 17.30 Unconference's wrap-up (Auditorium)
  • 16.30 - 17.25 Masterclass for senior coworking spaces (Sylva Room, 1st floor): After years of coworking space management and ownership, what can be a proper exit strategy ?

    Open Access –  Bernard Perelsztejn, Topos Brussels

  • 17.30 Communications (Auditorium)
  • From 19.30 Coworking Europe Essensys Party at 4041

    Join the party here: Coworking Europe Essensys Party

    Address: Gallery Ravenstein, 40. 1000 Brussels
    Free entrance

  • 20.30 Coworking Europe 2016 Awards at Essensys Party

    Address: Gallery Ravenstein, 40. 1000 Brussels
    Free entrance

Day 3

  • 9.30 Welcome (Auditorium)
  • 10.00 Masterclass all levels (Auditorium): Community Building

    Alex Hillman and Sam Adams (IndyHall, Philadelphia)

  • 10.00 Masterclass all levels (Essensys Theater, Expo Hall): How to take part in the EU programs without being squeezed by the EU funding mercenaries

    facilitated by Sabrina Schifrer – Alpe Adria Coworking (Austria)

  • 10.00 Masterclass all levels (Sylva Room, 1st floor): How can your coworking space engage with corporates ?

    Facilitated by Rosan Gompers, The Community Office.

    How to cooperate with corporates? How to bridge the cap between the old and the new economy: what corporates can learn from the coworking culture and what you can offer them.


    Short presentation and best practices on corporate coworking and collaborations between coworking spaces and corporates. Discussions on and inputs for your value proposition.

  • 12.00 Lunchtime

    Pre-order your sandwich the days before

  • 13.15 Beginning of the Brussels Coworking Tours

    Register for your guided tours before.

    Eight groups in total. Buy you public transportation day ticket prior to departure.

  • 17.30 End of the Brussels coworking tours
  • 20.00 - 02.00 Coworking Europe closing party at Madame Moustache

    Join the party here: Coworking Europe Closing Party

    Address: 5-7 Brandhoutkaai. 1000 Brussel
    Free entrance