Day 01

Coworking Convention Day – 11 november 2013

Timing Subject Speaker
09.00 Arrival and Registration
09.45 Welcome speech, overview of the conference's program and goals Jean-Yves Huwart, Global Enterprise, Coworking Europe conference's organiser (Belgium)
09.50 Welcome by Generalitat de Catalonia Ricard Faura, Generalitat de Catalonia (Spain)
10.00 Barcelona has more than 100 coworking spaces in operation : what impact for the city inner dynamics Cristina Martinez (Spain)
10.15 Coworking facts and figures in 2013 - Presentation of the World Coworking Survey

Carsten Foertsch, Deskmag (Germany)
10.30 A Toronto based Coworking space widening its footprint in its neighbourhood and fueling a flow of new initiatives in Ontario Ashley Proctor, Creative Blueprint / Foundery (Canada)
10.45 Why is Moscow also becoming a coworking hotspot Artem Marinenko, Work Station (Russia)
11.00 Grind : the emergence of a Coworking chain brand Benjamin Dyett, co-founder Grind (US)
11.15 Break
11.40 We are a traditional real estate operator and we have built up a successful Coworking offering James Friedenthal, Club Workspace (UK)
11.55 The Swiss Railway company changes its innovation culture with a mixture of co-operation, co-innovation and Coworking Manuel Gerres, SBB (Switzerland)
12.10 Makerspace, Fablabs, Hackerspaces and Coworking spaces... : another face of the Coworking growing success Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (Open Design City Berlin, Germany), Mattia Sullini (Cowo Combo,Florence, Italy), Cecilia Tham (Makers of Barcelona), Sara Bigazzi (Toolbox, Italy)
12.30 On the implementation of Coworking in an Innovation Incubator Carolina Rendeiro, Miami Innovation Center
12.45 The StartUp Europe program and how it can support coworking Gary Cigé, European Commission (Belgium)
13.00 Lunch break
14.20 Informations and practical messages regarding Day 2 and Day 3 Jean-Yves Huwart, Julianne Becker, Manuel Zea
14.25 Can only big coworking spaces become profitable ? Ramon Suarez (Betagroup Coworking, Brussels), Rafa deRamon (Utopic_Us, Madrid), Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (Betahaus, Berlin), Jonathan Markwell (The Skiff, Brighton) - Moderator : Anis Bedda
15.10 Break
15.25 - 16.15 Breakout sessions (panels)
Room1 Why is Coworking becoming so important for city development ? David Vilella (Neapolis, Barcelona), Grégoire Odou (La Fonderie, Paris), Vadim Malkin (rep. Moscow mayorship), Alex Hillman (Indy Hall, Philadelphia), Dermot Egan (Tilt Studio, London) - Moderator : Jean-Yves Huwart
Room2 What can we learn from Coworking failures ? Anis Bedda (ex-The Hub Brussels), Matia Sullini (ex-22A|22, Florence), Anna Bidowetz (ex-Betahaus Cologne), Gerhard F. (Office Factory, Germany) - Moderator : Carsten Foertsch
Room3 Values, member profiles, event, service quality : how to craft a good Coworking storytelling

Tony Bacigalupo (New Work City, New York), Liz Elam (Link Coworking/GCUC, Austin TX), Alberto Bassi (Lab 121, Alessandria), Yvonne Firdaus (GarageBilk, Düsseldorf) - Moderator : Julianne Becker
16.20 - 17.10 Breakout sessions (panels)
Room1 Hybrid Coworking : can business centers, incubators, flexible office providers become coworking space operators ? Pier Paolo Mucelli (eOffice, London), Carlos Gonçalves (Avila Coworking, Lisbon), Axel Kuborn (Silvesquare, Brussels), Grégory Ortiz (Multiburo, Paris) - Moderator : Anderson Costa
Room2 Collaboration between Coworking spaces : a cute illusion or the real next step ? Jacob Sayles (Office Nomads, Seattle), William Van den Broek (Mutinerie, Paris), André Pegorer (Nex Coworking, Curitiba - Brazil), Rachel Young (Camaraderie, Toronto) - Moderator : Julianne Becker
Room3 "Coworking and... " : how coworking can be used as an instrument to support a purpose or an industry Claire Carpenter (The Melting Pot, Edinburgh), Michal Kostal (The Surf Office, Canary Islands), Shazia Mustafa (Third Door Workhub & Nursery, London), Carolina Rendeiro (Miami Innovation Center) - Moderator : Cristina Santamarina
17.15 - 18.05 Breakout session (panels)
Room1 Coworking + startup/innovation accelerator : a winning model of the 21st century industrial revolution ? Ami Shpiro (Innovation Warehouse, London), Caroline McLaren (Hub Australia, Sydney), Gary Cigé (European Commission, Brussels), Emil Steglich-Petersen (Republikken, Copenhaguen) - Moderator : Liz Elam
Room2 Does Coworking really fit with every working profile ? Richard Kenny (Plantronics, London), Anna Klementz (Loffice, Budapest), Oxana Zheleznova (Serebro Lab, Moscow), Nicolas Bergé (Les Satellites, Nice) - Moderator : Cristina Santamarina
Room3 The recipe(s) for revenue diversifications Benjamin Dyett (Grind, New York City), Manuel Zea (Coworking Spain, Madrid), Ashley Proctor (Foundery, Toronto), Liu Yan (Xindanwei, Shanghai) - Moderator : Jean-Yves Huwart
18.05 Wrap up
18.10 Networking Cocktail


Day 02

Coworking Europe Unconference – 12 november 2013

An unconference is a full day of collaborative workshops proposed and facilitated by the participants themselves, with the logistical support of the conference infrastructure and staff.

Timing Subject Speaker
9.45 Welcome
10.00 Day 2 - Introduction speech Jean-Yves Huwart
10.05 Technical Briefing Unconference Julianne Becker
10.15 Co-creation of the program schedule for the day
10.45-11.35 Session 1 (6 rooms) Participative
11.40-12.30 Session 2 (6 rooms) Participative
12.30 Lunch

Session 3 (6 rooms) Participative
14.40-15.30 Session 4 (6 rooms) Participative
15.30 Break
15.55-16.45 Session 5 (6 rooms) Participative
16.50-17.40 Session 6 (6 rooms) Participative
17.45 End of the working day - Wrap up
18.00 Free time
20.30 (Starting at) Party at Transforma BCN Coworking - Please, register here : Venue : Transforma BCN - Consell de Cent 394, 08009-Barcelona

Day 03

Coworking Convention Day – 13 november 2013

Timing Subject Organised by
9.45 Welcome at Fabra i Coats
10.15 Workshop 1 - Build up your proper community and values Alex Hillman, Adam Teterus

Workshop 2 - Managing success : How to grow when you reach the limits of your coworking space Jaime Aranda Serralbo, Ramon Suarez
10.15 Workshop 3 - A typology of the most common profiles in a coworking space and how to manage some unpredictable situations Olivia Czetwertynski
11.55 Barcelona Coworking Tour briefing and group gatherings Manuel Zea, Coworking Spain
12.25 Lunch
13.30 Barcelona Coworking Tour
18.00 Free Time
21.00 (starting at) Coworking Europe Party
Please register here :
Venue : Betahaus Barcelona, Vilafranca 7 08024 Barcelona


The Coworking Europe 2013 conference will take place in Barcelona on November 11th, 12th, and 13th.

  • Early bird registration till July 31st 2013.
  • Mid-Price registration till September 20th 2013.
  • Full price registration starting from September 16th 2013.

Pricing :

  • Early Bird (€160.00)
  • Mentor (€290.00)
  • Full price (€360.00)

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Fabra i Coats
Carrer Sant Adrià, 20 (Sant Andreu)
08030 Barcelona