co-founder and CEO Workbar, Boston (US)

Bill started Workbar — Boston’s first coworking space — in 2009 as an experiment. Years later Workbar has expanded, opened multiple locations and weaved its way into the fabric of Boston’s startup, independent professional and broader business community. Prior business include cofounding PickupZone, a package pickup service that in 2012 was acquired by ShopRunner.

Founder HUBBA Coworking, Bangkok (Thailand)

Amarit Charoenphan is a startup ecosystem builder, serial events organizer & entrepreneur. Prior to starting Thailand’s 1st startup coworking space (HUBBA) & 1st creatives & design coworking space (PAH Creative Space), he worked in management consulting and ran a social enterprise incubator for a local non-profit. He is actively building the Thai startup community as the Cofounder of the Thai Tech Startup Association (StartupThailand).

COO Talent Garden, Milan (Italy)

Damiano Ramazzotti is the COO of Talent Garden, one of the leading coworking space network in the digital sector in Europe and CEO of WeTipp, an online platform aimed at helping non profits, grassroots organisations and coworkers spaces in engaging their members through their passions and skills. Before becoming involved in this field, he worked for many years in the framework of European programs for youth.

Initiator of the « Coworking in the Balkans » project, Berlin (Germany)

Amanda Gray is an American/ Slovenian journalist based in Berlin, Germany. After completing her Masters degree in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of New Mexico she moved to Berlin where she started working as a freelance reporter focusing on arts and culture for a variety of publications across the globe. She launched the « Coworking in the Balkans » project.

DG Economy and Innovation of the Lisbon City Council (Portugal)

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho is director general for the areas of Economy/Investment, Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Knowledge, Strategic Clusters and Employment for the Lisbon City Council. Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho is a researcher and an expert in Foresight, Strategy and Innovation, with more than 15 years of experience in consulting, teaching and training projects in those fields.

CEO Desk Union, Edinburgh (UK)

Victoria Arnold is the CEO of Desk Union.Desk Union claims to be the only corporate powered workspace provider, which offers community-driven workspace for small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK. The workspace provider enables its partners, such as Royal Bank of Scotland, to enhance the local business community through collaborative workspace, thus positively impacting upon the wider business ecosystem.

Co-founder Remix Coworking, Paris (France)

Anthony Gutman is the co-founder of Remix Coworking, an ambitious coworking space project with already two locations in Paris, France. A graduate of Paris X university and of Sciences-Po Paris, Anthony is also the founder of Passworld Agency, the initiator of the musical industry’s first web sites. He founded Passworld Morroco and is the co-founder of the strategic planning agency Wallace.

Chief Community Officer NextSpace, San Francisco (US)

After taking 5 years off to have and raise her daughter, Iris transitioned into project management for a boutique design firm. It was during this time that she discovered Coworking and most importantly NextSpace, becoming one of the first members of the flagship space in Santa Cruz. It wasn’t long until Iris became NextSpace very first COO and through the years powered through the ranks to become Chief Community Officer.

Founder Cowork Lisboa, Lisbon (Portugal)

Fernando Mendes is 46, married to « All Mighty » Ana Dias. With her he founded Coworklisboa in February 2010. The goal was to solve his own home office eternal dilemma. Soon Coworklisboa revealed to be much more than a workplace. Fernando used to be the general coordinator of Cyber.net (1994 first Portuguese Internet Magazine) and the director of Design of Terravista, portuguese personal web pages national site. Fernando works on a PhD in Design.
Former leader of  Coworking Wiki and coworking activist, Berlin (Germany)

Cristina used to work at Cobot making the lives of coworking space managers easier. Between early 2013 and April 2014, she led the Coworking Wiki project, an open sourced, community supported compilation of useful information for coworking space operators and members. Cristina is also involved with technology and women issues, attending or speaking at conferences to get more women into technology through initiatives like Rails Girls.

Experimentation/Open Innovation Programs Dir. at Numa Paris (France)

An Italian in Paris, Claudio is Director of Experimentation and Open Innovation programs at NUMA, a coworking and innovation space which is a corner stone of the digital ecosystem in Paris. With his team he loves to mix users, developers, designers and enterprises to create projects that people tag as Cocreation, Lean UX, Open Innovation and intrapreneurship. Claudio has a background in Semiotics and Cognitive Psychology.
Co-founder Synergia3 Coworking Lab, La Plata (Argentina)

Argentinian Journalist, Online Communications specialist and University Professor. Born in Córdoba and based in La Plata, she managed Synergia3, the first coworking space in La Plata, the capital city of the Buenos Aires province. In 2 years it became the physical place to encourage or develop different technology, social or cultural projects. Belen enjoys designing spaces at Synergia3 and she is focused on improving people interaction.
Xing AG evangelist, Hamburg (Germany)

Magith Noohukhan has been at XING for over three years. As a XING Evangelist he represents the company and XING platform at conferences and events all over Europe. Magith has made it his mission to spread the word about a better working life and to impart XING’s raison d’être – enabling professionals to grow. XING recently started a collaboration with coworking operators in Germany.

Co-Founder We Push, Barcelona (Spain)

Manuela is a researcher and facilitator in service design processes and a global trend analyst. She is co-founder of We Push, an initiative based in Barcelona, London and Bogotá dedicated to inspire, guide and support companies and organizations through the ideation and development of their innovation projects. She is also co-author of _coworkshops, a training model focused on group dynamics, co-creation and visual prototyping of ideas and concepts.

Co-founder Co-Station, Brussels (Belgium)

Paul Stasse believes their is no reason why the real estate industry couldn’t tap in the huge potential of collective intelligence. After 15 years of working has an architect & project manager on large property developments, Paul Stasse opened up Co-Station, a 2.000 m2 offices and coworking space dedicated to startups aiming to raise funding above 1 million € and connecting the local ecosystem with the venture firms in the Silicon Valley .

co-founder Grind, New York City (US)

Benjamin was a mild-mannered lawyer who woke up one day and, together with some partners, decided, Hey, let’s change the future of work. So, along with his friends, Stuart and Karina, and Co:, Cool Hunting, Behance, Magic + Might and Breakfast, he created Grind, a platform for working in a whole new way, outside the system. Grind #1 and Grind #2 are located in New York City. Grind #3 is located in the center of downtown Chicago.  All have 100+ workspaces.

founder Coworking Croatia, Zagreb (Croatia)

Matija Raos founded the Coworking Croatia initiative, which later developed into CIPA. Matija is a design-led problem solver, creative director and strategist passionate about storytelling, community building, and actions that have social impact. After working in a corporate environment with world-renowned brands he decided to explore freelance career hoping to work on projects that can make the world a better place.   


Founder of Creative Blueprint and Foundery Coworking, Toronto (Canada)

Ashley Proctor is the founder of Creative Blueprint. In addition to managing the CB Gallery and CB Artist Work Studios, Ashley runs Foundery Coworking & Events in Toronto, Canada. As a founding member of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario regional collectives, Ashley created and launched COHIP – the first Coworking Health Insurance Plan, available to all artists & independent workers in Ontario. 

Initiator of the Coworking Deutschland Conference, Wolfsburg (Germany)

Christian  Cordes is the initiator of the Coworking Deutschland Conference. Christian manages Schiller40, a coworking space located in Wolfsburg and which operates with the tight support of the City.

Manager at Multiverso, Florence (Italy)

Lorenzo Cappellini is a coworking manager at Multiverso, a growing coworking spaces network in central Italy. The philosophy of Multiverso is to create collaborative workspaces which could be highly adaptable to the social and economic background. Lorenzo worked for Mars Inc. and the University of Florence before being involved in coworking and fascinated about collaborative business.

Co-founder DojoGroup, Paris (France)

Joel Grea is co-founder of DojoGroup, a full ecosystem of coworking spaces, businessclubs and accelerators in Europe, China and North America. Deeply involved in environment protection and member of Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Corp., he identified entrepreneurship as one of the most powerful tools to shape tomorrow’s world. Both startup coach and business angel, he opened in 2014 the first Dojo franchises in France and Canada.

founder Avila Business Center and Coworking, Lisbon (Portugal)

Carlos Gonçalves is the founder and CEO of the Avila Business Centers and Avila Coworking, in Lisbon. In 2010, developed the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office application for mobile, partnering with two other Portuguese Companies. In 2013, Carlos Gonçalves was named International Director of the Global Workspace Association, and co-writes the book “Out of the Office”, about the future of workspaces, with an integrated augmented reality mobile app.

Director of Partnership, eMerge Americas, Miami (US)

Carolina is no stranger to the coworking world, both as a consultant and owner of workspaces. She is a strong proponent of community involvement and of the importance of creating synergy between businesses and their communities. She  is now Director of Partnerships known as eMerge Americas, a strategic private and public sector initiative to establish a technology corridor in the Americas and Miami as the technology hub of the Americas.

Founder The Loft, Brussels (Belgium)

Bernard Perelsztejn is the founder and owner of THE LOFT-Coworking Brussels. Created in 2011, The LOFT moved in May 2014 in a business center located in uptown Brussels to become THE LOFT@367LOUISE. Bernard launched his own startup, Good Morning News, a daily newspaper in 11 languages distributed in hotels and cruise ships in more than 120 countries. He is now launching NoGluten Shop, a web-shop of gluten free products.

Founder of Welance, Berlin (Germany)

Entrepreneur and founder of welance: Coworking Space & community of creatives in Berlin Kreuzberg.
Philipp has a passion for new work models. “I have been working with(in) flexible professional structures for over ten years and strive to establish lasting connections between people & business fields ». Philipp is a member of the Freelancer’s Movement.

NextSpace « controler », Santa Cruz (US)

Lisa first became acquainted with NextSpace while still working with a public accounting firm. While tasked with completing our taxes one year, she quickly sparked up what is now a dynamic professional relationship with our CEO, Jeremy. She was additionally on the board of Santa Cruz NEXT. Since joining the team as Controller, Lisa has grown to be the organizational backbone of NextSpace. 

Executive Director Alliance Business Center Network Europe, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

John Milhado is the Executive Director in Europe for ALLIANCE Business Centers NETWORK. He is responsible for the development and growth of ABCN’s European operation. At present, John is combining consultancy tasks at Alliance with his operational job as managing director of the Color Business Centers Group, one of the larger groups in the Netherlands with 13 locations throughout the country.

Founding Partner Coachingspiele, Barcelona (Spain)

Ulrich is a psychologist and a certified business coach, specialized in coaching for expats, managers and entrepreneurs as well as a soft skills trainer in the field of intercultural communication. He is founding partner of Coachingspiele SL and co-author of the German version of biopolis®, an innovative coaching tool in form of a board game. Ulrich is co-creator of _coworkshops, a workshop series centred on cooperation, co-creation and service development in Coworking centers.

Micropol member of mgt team for rural work centres (UK/France)

Clive Peckham is a European Projects Officer at Nièvre Numérique/Digital Nièvre, supporting increased access in rural areas to Broadband and ICT solutions. A key area of his work is the promotion and development of rural Work Centres. As part of the management team of the Micropol project, he works with partners across rural Europe, to demonstrate how coworking/incubator hybrids can generate social energy and entrepreneurship in rural areas.

founder Serebo Lab, Moscow (Russia)

Oksana Zheleznova is the founder of Serebro Lab, an « intellectual laboratory » that has conducted surveys on coworkings and on coworking target audience, as well as a portrait of freelancers in Russia and worldwide. Graduated in marketing, Oxana started Serebro Lab as a result of getting disappointed with traditional career growth and office lifestyle.


founder Coworking Spain, Madrid (Spain)

Manuel Zea Barral is an architect, founder of 2arquitectos in 2006. In 2007 founded one of the first coworking in Spain: WorkingSpace. In 2010 founded the directory Coworkingspain.es. 2012 organized the first Coworking Spain Conference. In 2013 author of the book Living Coworking. The coworking philosophy as new way of work. And all this years investor of three start ups. 

founder eOffice, London (UK)

Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder of eOffice, among the pioneers of the coworking concept in Europe, set up the first centre in Soho, London in 2002. Also running CoworkingLondon.com and recently launched a online platform for real estate OpenOffices.com.

Research Connector, OuiShare (France)

OuiShare is a do-tank/think-tank community engaged in the open/collaborative economy. Through events, editorial work and supporting services, it connects practitioners, researchers and governments to promote and better understand emerging collaborative and sustainable practices. I investigate new forms of collaboration through both theory and practice, including in the context of coworking communities.


Founder Global Enterprise and Coworking Europe Conference, Brussels (Belgium)

Jean-Yves Huwart is the CEO of Global Enterprise, the company behind the Coworking Europe Conference. Jean-Yves Huwart is an international consultant covering the future of innovation ecosystems. He created the Intrapreneurship Conference and is the author of four books. Jean-Yves operates his own Coworking space in Belgium. 

Partner Global Enterprise, Brussels (Belgium)

Anis Bedda is a partner at Global Enterprise, co-organizing the Coworking Europe Conference and the Intrapreneurship Conference. Anis is the cofounder and transformer in chief of transforma bxl, a coworking and innovation space in the middle of a private parc in Brussels and focuses on activating entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems through his work in the fields of Coworking and Intrapreneurship.  

Coordinator and Project manager Coworking Europe conference (Spain)

Vanessa Sans is a core team member of the Coworking Europe and Coworking Spain conferences. She has more than 10 years experience in the cultural and creative sector of Barcelona. She never felt comfortable working for the traditional labour market, this discomfort inevitably lead her to find Coworking culture three years ago. Vanessa is the founder and chief transformer at transforma bcn, a coworking space focussed on the social and cultural change in the center of Barcelona.