25 August 2015

“Taking the perspective of a coworking member makes me better at my job as the co-founder and leader”.

indy cw

The Indy Hall coworking space has been a pillar of the Philadelphia community for 9 years. Co-founder and space leader, Alex Hillman will be speaking at this year’s Coworking Europe Conference, and talked to us about what it takes to be a positive and steady influence in his coworking space and also his upcoming workshop…

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8 July 2013

More and more great speakers confirmed for Coworking Europe 2013 (Barcelona, november 11-13th)

Heading towards november, the program of the Coworking Europe 2013 conference gets more and more exciting. Benjamin Dyett, from Grind, for instance, one of the growing Coworking brand in the US just confirmed is attendance in Barcelona, next fall. Grind will soon open two new spaces,  in New York and Chicago. For those still suspicious about the financial soundness of…

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