Coworking Europe 2016 will take place in Brussels.


“BEL Brussels”
Bruxelles Environnement / Leefmilieu Brussels
Tour & Taxis
Avenue du Port 86C / 3000
1000 Brussels


BEL Brussels


BEL Atrium



Avenue du Port 86c/3002
1000 Brussels
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How to get there


Brussels offers a lot of different local transportation options (metro, tram, bus, taxi, shared bicycles, and more)

Train and air travel

Right in the center of Europe, Brussels is one of the most connected city on the continent.

Find your rail connection to Brussels here.

Right in the center of Europe, Brussels is also connected with most international regular and low cost airlines.

Brussels International Airport is 30 min away from the conference venue, with easy outbound and inbound connections.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is 50 min far from downtown Brussels.


CoPass Camp for Coworking Europe 2016 in Brussels


CoPass organizes a Camp for the Coworking Europe 2016. Check it out here.

Our Accommodation partners in Brussels
Belvue Hotel (walking distance 1,5 km)

Book using the code: BELWORK2016 (and get 5% discount)
Husa Hotel Park (walking distance 1 km)

Book using the code : BEL (and get a 10% discount)
Crowne Plaza Brussels (walking distance 1,5 km)

Mention “BEL.Brussels” when booking
Thon Hotel Brussels City Center (walking distance 1,5 km)

Book using the code : TH8188  and Company Name “Bel.Brussels”