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“We believe that Coworking and Flex Workspace are at the center of how work will be organised in the future. Coworking Europe drives the conversation and provides know-how and connections for all stakeholders”

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The Coworking Europe Hub is the virtual venue where monthly online live events and the Coworking Europe 2021 virtual conference on Dec 1-3 take place, offering the opportunity to online meet, to publish own profile and engage with peers.


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Speakers line-up

Stéphane Delaporte, CMO at Deskeo (Paris)
Petr Boruta, Head of Marketing at Spaceflow (Prague)
Turlough O’Brien, Assistant Principal Officer, Regional Development and Innovation Unit at Department of Rural and Community Development (Ireland)
Ruth Morrissy, Assistant Principal Officer, Labour Market and Skills Unit at Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (Dublin)
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Memories from Coworking Europe 2019 conference


Coworking Europe drives the conversation and
provides know-how and connections for all stakeholders

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