Take aways frome the Coworking Europe 2012

Within this conference, different viewpoints from different regions were observed. Within France, coworking is continuing to grow but there is a strong need to become more international while cooperating and sharing spaces more efficiently.

Within Canada, coworker leader Ashley described her efforts in Toronto. Volunteers and individualistic projects are done on ones own initiative. Also, health and benefits programs have been created to protect the rights of the coworkers. In addition, coworking passports have been created to enable individuals to travel to various locations, being able to work in different environments.

The Manifesto of Coworking and the coworking visa programs are ways to further the progress of coworking. One of the most important values of coworking is the idea of successfully working together. Having a reliable structure and a legitimate set of rules helps regulate the programs. Exchange platforms are also extremely important. By choosing different projects and having the ability to host coworkers, ideas are more easily shared and relationships are successfully built through bonding. Unfortunately, many locations face their own problems. Some places are lacking time while other places lack the ability to distribute information and retain resources.

2020 is a future project for the coworking community. The main goals are continuing to discover great ideas and also to foster creative industries.

Via http://coworking.lafonderie-idf.fr/

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