Heading towards november, the program of the Coworking Europe 2013 conference gets more and more exciting.

Benjamin Dyettfrom Grind, for instance, one of the growing Coworking brand in the US just confirmed is attendance in Barcelona, next fall.

Grind will soon open two new spaces,  in New York and Chicago. For those still suspicious about the financial soundness of stand alone coworking spaces, Grind is an evidence that professionally and soundly managed, Coworking can be a healthy self-sustaining business.

 We also expect Manuel Gesser, head of startup relations for the Swiss Railway company (SBB), as a keynoter.  The SBB recently opened up a Coworking space in Zurich.

Manuel Gesser 2

By doing so, the SBB coworking targets a double purpose : on the one hand, the company aims to tap into the entrepreneurial dynamics of the Swiss web scene ; on the other hand, they wish to bring a new, more open and agile, innovation culture from the outside in.

Ashley Proctor, from Foundery, will share  her thoughts and experience about how she and other bring together the Coworking community of Ontario, with very innovative ideas and projects


Cristina Martinez and Ricard Faura, will give the overview of the exponential rise of Coworking in Barcelona, likely the number  One coworking city in Europe, nowadays, with more than 100 identified coworking spaces.

For the first year in the Coworking Europe conference, Russia will be speaking on stage. Michael Komarov, from Cowork Station,  and Alexei Komissarov, head the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department at the Moscow Mayorship, will take part in the discussions.


Confirmed speakers and stories we will hear in Barcelona support the idea that  Coworking keeps growing stronger and faster across Europe and beyond. Although Coworking can serve different purposes, it always fits with the rising sharing/digital friendly values of our modern societies.

Have a look at the Coworking Europe 2013’s program as it looks right now. The unconference of Day 2, plus the workshops and the Barcelona Coworking tour of Day 3 will offer a lot of networking and best practices sharing as well.

Early Bird registration is open until July 31st HERE


Don’t wait too long !