, organizer of the Coworking Europe Conference, is proud to be the supporting organization behind the Deskmag Global Coworking Survey, 2017.


The Global Coworking Survey is back and ready for your input! Coworking space owners, operators as well as members of coworking spaces from around the world are encouraged to participate. Deskmag annually surveys the global coworking community by proposing new questions regarding the coworking movement. The survey covers topics like development, challenges, member satisfaction and more. The information provided by the community is then gathered and published into a comprehensive report, which provides detailed results about coworking and is free to the public. The survey is anonymous. Deskmag coworking survey

The final results are subsequently shared online and at coworking events around the world. Making these results publicly available is an important service to the industry, and reflects the spirit of sharing and collaboration that is a fundamental part of the coworking movement.


The Deskmag Coworking Survey is a collective effort, and we need your help to spread the word! The more participants we have, the more information we get to better understand coworking today! The knowledge we gather ultimately helps the global coworking community better understand current trends, challenges and how their businesses compares to the industry today.

Interested in the results of the Global Coworking Survey? Complete the survey at and become an official supporter!

Thank you, your voice will be heard!