Coworking Europe 2017 conference to take place in Dublin (November 8-10)

We are proud to announce that the Coworking Europe 2017 conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on November 8-9-10.

Coworking Europe 2017 will gather close to 500 delegates from more than 50 countries during three days, at te famous Croke Park Stadium in Dublin.


Coworking spaces are the host of some of the society’s major transformations


In today’s time, Coworking is where some of the tectonic shifts shaking our society do physically encounter : the rise of the freelancers economy, the development of a horizontal management practices, the search for a better work/life balance, the international distribution of the workforce, technological ubiquity, the “servitization” of commercial real estate, the need for hospitality, cities’ aspiration to become more sustainable… Just to name a few…

In addition, Coworking nowadays embodies the powerful mutation of the traditional business culture towards new business codes where the “etiquette” is less important than true, casual and genuine engagement. Where the openess and easiness to connect with other individuals to innovate and build up new projects matters more than to nurture one’s personal status.

Overall, coworking changes the perception of what a workplace should deliver in terms of social interactions, well-being, flexibility, networking, productivity and more in the 21st century. Hundreds of coworking spaces are now energizing the heart of most cities in Europe. They support the development of new ecosystems, rooted in urban centers as well as, more and more, in suburban or rural areas.

With more than 13.000 Coworking spaces in operation around the world, Coworking has become a major global phenomenon, having an impact on people and companies.


Coworking : an industry, an impact and a business

The Coworking Europe 2017 will be the opportunity to address the multi-dimensional nature of Coworking.

  1. Coworking as a growing industry, with the arrival of new kind of players, new markets, new backers, new audiences, new innovative business models.
  2. Coworking as a movement, carrying the values of a more human driven society, sustainable and entrepreneurship friendly, whose working model is tuned with today’s workers aspirations.

The Coworking Europe 2017 conference will take place at the Croke Park Stadium in Dublin

Moreover, the Coworking Europe 2017 conference will be the place to learn and share the best practices with respect to the business and operational management of coworking spaces and coworking communities. Contributions from some of the best coworking operators from around Europe and the world are expected.

Running one or more coworking spaces requires a lot of different skills in many fields : community management, growth hacking, workspace operation, hospitality services, ecosystem management, sustainable development, real estate negociation, and more.

Most of those topics, the why’s and the how’s, will be covered and discussed during the three days of conference.



Dublin, a digital hotspot in Europe

The Coworking Europe 2017 conference is produced by, with the support of the Irish Coworking community, the Dublin City Council, the Dublin Local Enterprise Office, Failte Ireland and Meet in Ireland.

Dublin rightly claims to be a digital hotspot as well as a bedrock for innovation and experimentation in Europe.

14th October 2016. Coworkinn Photography. Photo: Aidan Oliver

As Coworking is the child of the digitization of work, the vibrant city of Dublin was an obvious location to host the Coworking Europe 2017 conference.

According to the European Digital Index, the Ireland’s capital was ranked last year the 8th most startup friendly city on the continent.



About the Coworking Europe conference

The Coworking Europe conference was launched in 2010. 

Coworking Europe 2017 in Dublin will be the eight conference organized in a row. 


Lineup of speakers

Registration is open.


Coworking Europe 2016 Conference from Entreprise Globale on Vimeo.