Coworking Europe Pitching Contest 2017

Coworking Europe, with the support of .SPACE Domain Names, is proud to announce the organization of the first ever Coworking Pitching Contest, to take place in Dublin, on November 10th, at the Coworking Europe conference.

Coworking is one of the most innovative models in nowadays’ collaborative economy.

Dozens of new projects are designed and open every month everywhere in the world. Many coworking entrepreneurs need funding, either to launch their venture or to scale up after one or more years of successful operations.


Coworking startups and scaleups

As for any startup, coworking projects are well fitted to draw the attention of potential investors, who look for new innovative projects.

In order to build up a strong case for the project and convince third parties to invest, one needs, among other things :

  • to craft a great branding and set of values
  • to share a convincing business plan
  • to work on a deep local market analysis
  • to gather a passionate team
  • to explain what makes the project immune to competition
  • to introduce a vision for the coming five to ten years
  • and more…

The better coworking project initiators will be prepared for that process, the better the pitch will be, and the higher the chances will be that investors or stakeholders are to pour money on the initiative.

The Coworking Europe Pitching Contest is not designed to secure a first or second round of funding for Cowoking new project or scaleup.

It’s the opportunity to test out the basics of the project in front of a jury of professionals and peers. Participants will get the best feedbacks in order to improve the case.

The pitches will be video cast. The content can be reused by project bearer.

All projects will be made visible online.

Applicants will get a free .space domain for the brand that they are pitching through a coupon code sent by the organisation over email.

Last but not least, of course, it’s a contest. The winner will be offered  1000€ as a prize useful to start out the project.

The Contest

  • The Coworking Pitching Contest will take place on November 10th, between 2pm and 5pm, at the Coworking Europe 2017 conference, in Dublin.
  • A maximum of 20 pitches (according to the number of received applications, we might operate a selection based on the quality of the submitted projects).
  • Each pitch will last 3 to 4 minutes maximum.
  • Pitches will be live streamed.
  • An international jury of professionals with a different background (VC funding, Real Estate, experienced coworking space – final composition is to be announced before October) will rank the project and choose the best pitch. Every project will be.

Apply to the contest – Conditions 

  • Present your application prior to October 28th, 2017.
  • Attend the Coworking Europe 2017 conference (in other words, have your ticket) and be physically present in Dublin. For those who are not interested to attend the whole conference, you can book a Day ticket for the afternoon Pitching Contest only.
  • Work on a real Coworking project.
  • Design a presentation file (PPT, Keynote, Prezi,…) to be sent the week before the conference. The presentation shall include, a.o., the name of the project, the branding strategy, a revenues projection, some pictures, elements of a market analysis and the overall vision the team has.
  • One person alone can pitch the project, better though to have the team or part of the team on stage.


The winner will be offered 1.000€ as a  prize to develop the project which will be announced in the upcoming days.