Coworking spaces : support the European Freelancers Week 2017 !

The European Freelancers Week is a single week during which a range of coordinated events take place in many cities across Europe with one main objective : gather independent professionals and make them speak with one voice.

Time has come for independent workers across Europe to have their own events!

Anyone can propose an event, as long as the proposed event is focused on freelancers. The event can offer an inspirational moment, a time to connect with peer freelancers, the opportunity to learn or co-create.

Coworking spaces, how can you take part ?

Here’s an easy way:

1. Open this Google Drive folder and select one poster to print:

2. Print out the poster on your coworking space printer. It can be A3, A4, colour or B&W.

3. Put it up on your poster wall, front window or another spot where freelancers can see it.

4. Take a pic of your poster and share it using the hashtag #EFweek.

That’s it! You will be helping freelancers right across Europe join together to improve their independent careers.

Here’s that link again to the posters:

 The first #EFWeek was held in 2016.

In Italy, the first Freelance Day was held in 2013 in Torino, supported by ACTA.

In the United Kingdom, IPSE has long organized National Freelancers Day.

In 2016 a group of activists from several EU freelancers organizations got together to plan EFW.

Thanks for your support!