Coworking Europe 2018 – What to expect!

The biggest international event dedicated to Coworking will cover a global sector overview and deep dives into different facets of the coworking industry such as data and coworking operations

The Coworking Europe Conference 2018 will take place on November 14-16th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Close to 500 professionals (coworking space operators, community managers, industry players, office developers, investors, and more) from  45+ countries are expected during the 3-day conference at the B. Amsterdam Building. Together, we will address the different facets of coworking industry and cover data, insights and a global overview of the sector.

Coworking hot topics

The 2018’s edition aims to openly discuss and shine a light on the coworking world from three different perspectives: business, trends and impact. The mission of the Coworking Europe Conference is to support the development and improvement of coworking spaces in Europe.

Aside of the exciting business perspectives today opened by workers and companies thirst for new new workspaces experience, we are convinced that coworking contributes to creating a better society: sustainable development, culture, soft mobility, urban planning and economy, innovation, economic growth…

Therefore we are committed to offer the best content and room for discussion to our audience in a city that is already an example for it all: Amsterdam. Keynotes, panels, data, workshops, interactive sessions among other activities will be part of the 2018 program this fall.

We will address pending matters such as:

  • how independent coworking spaces and big brands can coexist
  • how coworking spaces can engage with and find new ways to collaborate with intermediaries to lure clients
  • the collaboration between PropTech and Coworking
  • how to deal with the disruption of the traditional commercial real estate models
  • revenue generation best practices
  • how to address challenges such as discrimination and the societal role coworkings can play in policial downturn
  • how the integration of technology into the workspace can help to focus on the human side of our businesses
  • how to truly understand customers’ expectations and solve situations where everything is awesome but somehow no one seems to be happy.

Another important part of the program will address the daily life and business side of a typical coworking space and how to improve processes, operations and incomes while covering aspects such as community building, hospitality approaches, space management automatisation, branding, offline and online communications, trends and coworking designs, customer satisfaction, etc.

And, also, a… Amsterdam coworking Bike (or not) Tour 

Apart from all the content, the Coworking Europe Conference will offer side activities to get the most out of the experience itself and the city of Amsterdam. Coworking spaces like StartDock, Rent24, The Thinking Hut, TSH Collab, WorkSpace6, FreedomLab Campus, A Lab, Makerversity, Meetberlage, among others, will participate in a Coworking Tour and open their doors to our attendees during the 3-day conference.

Partnerships with local rental bike companies have also been arranged and attendees will be able to move around the city and join the Coworking Tour… by bike!

Evening Parties

What would our conference be without craziness, fun facts and memories during our after-work get togethers? Stay tuned as every night there will be something going on somewhere for you to meet and greet!

About the Coworking Europe conference

The Coworking Europe 2018 conference is produced by, with the support, this year, of the Amsterdam Coworking Association, the B.Amsterdam Building and Startup Amsterdam.

The Coworking Europe Conference was launched in 2010, in Brussels, Belgium. It has already been in Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona… and has managed to create an amazing community of space owners, operators and stakeholders who aim to engage with the local community wherever they go. Coworking Europe 2018 in Amsterdam will be the ninth conference organized in a row.


Speaker’s lineup

Registration is open and Early Bird tickets are available until July 15th.

The vibrant Coworking Europe community is ready to welcome you.