Poland, the emerging EU giant, is hosting Coworking Europe’s 10th edition

The largest international event devoted to Coworking is celebrating its 10th edition in Warsaw. More than 600 delegates coming from 55 different countries are expected in the capital.

For the first time, the Coworking Europe Conference is taking place in Central Eastern Europe. For this 10th edition, we are very happy to be able to give our attendees the possibility to get a glimpse into the tremendous catch-up of Poland, the so called emerging EU giant. More than 600 coworking operators and stakeholders from 55 different countries will gather during the 3-day event on November 13-15th in Poland’s capital.


Poland, the eighth largest economy in the European Union and the largest among the former Eastern Bloc members, is gaining ground quickly against western neighbours. The Polish office market is transforming rapidly and adapting to growing occupier requirements. Coworking spaces have become a mainstream alternative to traditional offices and not just a mecca for freelancers. The rapid growth of modern coworking spaces for start-ups and small/medium enterprises has brought the market to a point where coworking providers are the fastest-growing group of tenants continually looking for prime locations across Poland.  


International players like WeWork, Mindspace, Spaces… and strong local big-shots like Brand Embassy, HubHub, Business Link… are competing for market share and trying to find their niche, galvanizing the real estate sector of cities like Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań, Kraków, Lublin and Gdańsk into action. According to Real Capital Analytics, Poland had by far the biggest YoY increase on real estate investment of all EU countries. We are looking forward with much anticipation to get a peak at Warsaw’s buzzling local scene.

Coworking Europe 2019 will address the multi-dimensional nature of Coworking; a booming industry and a strengthening cultural movement re-modelling the very notion of what workplace should be and what it should deliver in terms of human interaction in the 21st century. Flexibility, hospitality, sense of purpose, community or people’s care are at the very heart of what makes coworking successful and popular. Coworking is a technology enabled and social enabling experience fitting the needs of modern workers.


The best coworking world experts and practitioners will share their thoughts, insights and ideas during the 3-day event in Warsaw. The program and the speaker’s lineup can be found on the Coworking Europe Conference website: www.yvesv15.sg-host.com. The Conference is as well a unique networking event for all the coworking communities operating across Europe and beyond.

About Coworking in Europe

Coworking culture is driving change in the office market and reshaping the face of cities and towns all over the globe, boosting different kind of industries such as the real estate, the hospitality and the office market.

Technological, cultural or ecological mega-trends are changing the economy and society, fueling the growth of the fast expanding coworking industry. With close to 30.000 spaces in operation globally, Coworking has therefore become a major global phenomenon with an impact on people, companies and cities.

Traditional offices are becoming more flexible and the flexible workspace industry is becoming more social driven. Flexible social workplaces is to become the norm within the workplace industry, with major impacts to expect on things as important as city planning, mobility challenges, workplace models or sustainable development.

About the Coworking Europe Conference

The Coworking Europe 2019 Conference is produced by SocialWorkplaces.com. We believe that coworking is in the center of a variety of social trends and technological developments such as digitalization, urbanization & sustainability.  We want to help understanding and embracing those shifts in order to develop new business opportunities and shape the social and work environment of the future.

Coworking Europe was launched in 2010, in Brussels, Belgium. It has already been in Amsterdam, Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona… and has managed to create an amazing community of space owners, operators and stakeholders who aim to engage with the local community wherever they go. 

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