Coworking Europe 2019 in Warsaw: what to expect!

The biggest international event dedicated to Coworking will cover a global sector examination and in-depth exploration into the different facets of the flexible workspace industry

The Coworking Europe Conference 2019 will take place on November 13-15th in Warsaw, Poland, for its 10th edition. 600+ professionals (coworking space operators, community managers, industry players, office developers, investors and more) from 55+ countries are expected during the 3-day conference at the Stadium PGE Narodowy. We get together to network, discuss current issues and talk about the future of the workplace. Data, insights, best practices, coworking hot topics and much more are expected in our next edition this fall.


Coworking hot topics

Is Poland Europe’s new innovation and entrepreneurial hotspot? What are the results of the last Global Coworking Survey? What’s the relation between coworking and smart city concepts? How to make coworking part of global mobility packages? How to and what to manage in buildings and facilities at the age of flexible workspace environments? Can independent coworking spaces and big brands coexist? Do we know how to implement cash free coworking spaces? Or how to deal with real estate brokers to fill in our coworking space? Is it possible to create a sustainable coworking business in rural areas? 

The conference really aims to openly discuss and cast light on the coworking world from different perspectives: business, trends and impact. Formats will go from keynotes, panels, workshops, interactive sessions, trainings… and will be addressed to different audiences: from newcomers to senior players in the coworking industry, from real estate operators to people aiming at having an impact through coworking, etc.

Marketing, Operations, Events, Community, Space design, Technology, Real Estate, Hospitality, Proptech, Finance… are a few categories of the sessions that will take place during three days.

At Coworking Europe we are convinced that coworkings contribute to create a better society: sustainable development, culture, soft mobility, urban planning, innovation, economic growth… that is why our mission is to support the development and improvement of coworking spaces in Europe.

We envision the future with happier people, better city management, ecosystem driven and peer to peer learning. We are therefore committed to offer the best content and room for discussion to our audience in a country that last year had, by far, the biggest YoY increase on real estate investment of all european countries. The emerging EU giant is waiting for us!


Coworking Tour

Business Lab – Warsaw

Among different activities, every year we organise a local Coworking Tour where international attendees have the possibility to visit different coworking spaces of the hosting city.

The Coworking Tour is a unique opportunity for local spaces to get in touch with the international coworking community, get visibility, network and learn from peers. It is a unique opportunity as well for the international community to get to know local ecosystems and experience them in their bodies.

This year, the Coworking Tour will take place, needless to say, in Warsaw. We are already in touch with international players and strong local big-shots who will jump on board the Coworking Tour and open their doors to the international community. Stay tunned to find out more!


Evening Encounters 

We plan to have our Opening Night on Wednesday 13th, the fun and craziness of the Pub-Crawl on Thursday 14th and the Farewell Party on Friday 15th. We’ll keep you posted so stick with us as every night there will be something going on somewhere for you to meet and greet new people.


About Coworking in Europe

Coworking culture is driving change in the office market and reshaping the face of cities and towns all over the globe, boosting different kind of industries such as the real estate, the hospitality and the office market.

Technological, cultural or ecological mega-trends are changing the economy and society, fueling the growth of the fast expanding coworking industry. With close to 30.000 spaces in operation globally, Coworking has therefore become a major global phenomenon with an impact on people, companies and cities.

Traditional offices are becoming more flexible and the flexible workspace industry is becoming more social driven. Flexible social workplaces is to become the norm within the workplace industry, with major impacts to expect on things as important as city planning, mobility challenges, workplace models or sustainable development.


About the Coworking Europe conference

The Coworking Europe 2019 Conference is produced by Coworking Europe was launched in 2010, in Brussels, Belgium. It has already been in Amsterdam, Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona… and has managed to create an amazing community of space owners, operators and stakeholders who aim to engage with the local community wherever they go.

We believe that coworking is in the center of a variety of social trends and technological developments such as digitalization, urbanization & sustainability. We want to help understanding and embracing those shifts in order to develop new business opportunities and shape the social and work environment of the future.

Check out the great Coworking Europe community in our last year’s recap video and book your Early Bird ticket until June 30th! See you there!