Unlocking the European coworking potential

The Coworking Europe Conference celebrates its 10th edition this year. What we claimed in the early days is now becoming a reality: coworking is inexorably disrupting the traditional office model on the whole continent – but the market is far from being homogeneous.

The coworking space has undoubtedly become more diverse and more crowded over the past decade. A sector that has started out of necessity, with lots of community and impact driven spaces has attracted the interest of other players. Big venture capital backed firms and investors from the real estate world have recognized the beauty and power of this new model of working and managing real estate. Each player has his own objectives, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Therefore, lots of things to tell to one another, to learn from each other.


We aim to bring everyone together and provide an open platform for discussion, networking and mutual learning in order to grow the market and shape the future of coworking together.


During the 3 days conference, we will shine a light on the different facets and contrasts of the coworking boom in Europe: generalists and niche players, metropolis and small towns, corner coworkings and investor backed chains.

International experts will also share their knowledge and experience in three different tracks: Business Operations, Trends and Impacts. Attendees will have the chance to advance the conversation in numerous opportunities: workshops, interactive sessions, the unconference day, afterwork networking events, etc.

If you feel you have something to share with others, to learn from others, to talk about, to discuss… this is your opportunity to come and join the biggest international event dedicated to coworking. You can book your Early Bird tickets until June 30th.


And if you feel like holding a talk, workshop, training or participating in a panel… don’t hesitate to contact us through our speaker request form and we’ll come back to you asap.


Last but not least, if you are the kind that organises everything in advance and already got your ticket, feel free to check our  accommodation partners to get the best deals.


We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw!