The post-covid era is full of opportunities for coworking – Attend Coworking Europe 2020

As bad as the crisis is at this moment, we are also seeing big opportunities coming up on the horizon; people and companies have massively adapted and experienced remote working across Europe. The way we work has changed and we are convinced that remote work is here to stay. Together with companies looking to become more flexible to deal with the crisis, we expect coworking to accelerate its adoption rate and expansion in the coming months and years.

Find below some of the topics that will be addressed during our conferece:

  • How to keep profitability in the time of social distancing and update coworking product lines
  • How to transform your coworking space into a digital hotspot
  • Landlords need to offer flexibility: how to become their best friend
  • What are the best practices to host hybrid online/offline events in a coworking space?


What thought leaders are saying

The coworking and flex workspace industry will be beneficiaries in the new normal era. Here what some of our industry colleagues say about it:

“Investors now agree on the 200-300% growth forecast for Coworking and Flex Workspace”, New Work

“Coworking spaces can expect a huge rise in demand; companies will look very quickly for even more flexibility to be able to adapt their office to the size of their teams”, Bureau à Partager

“Any shake up of traditional workplace practices on the scale we are currently seeing can only be good for the coworking sector long term”, Venture X UK & Ireland


“The coworking model will likely take a bigger slice of the office market, also in smaller cities” JLL Poland


The Coworking Europe 2020 conference

The conference will take place on November 25-27th in Vienna (Austria), with an off-site day in its twin city Bratislava (Slovakia). Coworking Europe 2020 conference will be the first and biggest international conference on coworking to take place after the pandemic. It is a unique networking event for all the coworking communities operating across Europe and beyond where the best coworking world experts and practitioners will share their thoughts, insights and ideas during the 3-day event. Check our program and speakers lineup to find out more.

We expect more than 500 professionals coming from different European countries and around the globe at the Austria Center Vienna and HubHub Bratislava. During 3 days, we will conduct a global sector examination and in-depth exploration into the different facets of the coworking industry and, of course, a big deal of the conference will be devoted to the impact of the Covid-19 and how to re-boost everything after the craze. 

We are proud to have chosen Austria as our 2020 destination and to have the City of Vienna as an important partner of Coworking Europe 2020. Check out the latest updates coming from Austria here.


Early Bird tickets available until June 30th 

Due to the ongoing situation, Early Bird tickets will be fully refundable until September 30th. We hope this way you can book your ticket and get the current 50% discount without worry.

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