Will hotels and restaurants bring the coworking experience into rural areas? 

There are a lot of coworking providers in major cities and sometimes a fierce competition between them, but that’s less the case in smaller rural and remote areas. In rural areas we find hotels and what we’re seeing now is that Covid-19 could fast forward the process of hotels offering coworking services to clients. Will those hybrid models be needed? Will hotels and restaurants bring the coworking experience into rural areas? 


Duration: 51 minutes

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High level discussion on hotels and restaurants bringing the coworking experience in rural areas

    • How hotel providers are joining the coworking scene offering their own service?
    • How the coworking offering is getting to smaller towns and cities?
    • How to combine hotel lobbies and coworking spaces
    • How good are hotels promoting their coworking space services and what could be improved?
    • What’s the infrastructure and team needed for hotel-coworking providers?

Panel discussion with different coworking and hotel providers

Yoann Jaffré: “Coworking and hospitality leaders is one of the keys of success. We explain the team it’s a different business; they have to understand it’s a matter of workspaces, community and shared economy” 

Anita Komarek: “Private life and working life will merge together more and more after Covid-19. Maybe a combination of pleasure and also business hospitality have also to merge together. ” 


Panel: Hotels and Restaurants to bring the coworking experience in small towns?
Recorded – September 30th, 2020 – Coworking Europe Hub

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