Is the rise of remote work now starting to fill-in rural coworking spaces?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the opportunity to see that work can happen from everywhere. Some predict the move of employees to the countryside, an exodus from big metropolis they say, but that’s still hard to assess so far. Coworking Europe wants to investigate that matter further. Participants of this panel discussion will share with us their experience in the field. Is the rise of remote work now starting to fill-in rural coworking spaces? What are the benefits and challenges? 


Duration: 45 minutes

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High level discussion on remote work from rural coworking spaces

    • Is coworking in smaller towns a solution for employees who don’t necessary want to commute to head offices nor work from home?
    • How do workers switch from home-working to coworking or near working from third places?
    • Is this shift really taking place now and/or will come at some point in the future?
    • Why aren’t more employees from big companies working from coworking spaces near home? What’s the missing link? 

Panel discussion with founders of coworking spaces in the countryside

Suzanne Murdock: “We are getting the enquires about people coming in but we are not quite seeing the conversion yet. One reason is that most of the enquires come from employees from big companies or corporates and they know they have to pay the membership for themselves. Corporates aren’t there yet in terms of paying for memberships”


Gareth I. Jones: “I don’t think any of us can just wait and see what happens. The debate now is work from home or work from the office. There is a third way: work closer to home. We have a big fight on our hands to make that high on the agenda: people talking about the third way” 


Panel: Coworking in remote areas. Do you already feel the impact of the announced exodus from big metropolis?
Recorded – October 28th, 2020 – Coworking Europe Hub

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