Is it worth having a Virtual Coworking Membership product?

Due to Covid-19, a big deal of connections are nowadays made online. Is it worth having a Virtual Coworking Membership product? What are the benefits and challenges? We discuss about online community management with three professionals who are very active online as part of their product and value. They share with us their experience and knowledge on the field. 


Duration: 45 minutes

Price: 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)

A high level interview on virtual coworking memberships

    • How can we keep our members engaged online?
    • What are the actions to be taken and how do they help during Covid-19 times?
    • How do virtual memberships change brand experience and value propositions?
    • Are new skills needed in online community management?
    • Should coworking spaces start new products, revenue sources, increase the outreach…? 

Insightful discussion with three coworking professionals  

    • Gosia Kramer, CEO & Co-Founder at The Office Coworking (Luxemburg)
    • Filip Valusiak, Group Community Manager at HubHub (Warsaw)
    • Pauline Roussel, Co-founder & CEO at Coworkies (Berlin)

Gosia Kramer: “Our most popular online initiatives are trainings: business administration, accounting, tax, how to organise your own trainings, apps integration, fundraising, how to get cash-flow, etc. Trainings are organised by members but also target outsiders. Our work is to ensure that there is quality behind; we focus on curation” 


Pauline Roussel: “Each and every coworking community is very unique and have different needs. It’s important to help community managers as well as they are now navigating new waters; we have to redefine the role. And we have to ask and understand our community needs and as a space operator decide the content to fit those needs” 

Does a coworking virtual membership work and how?
Recorded – November 4th, 2020 – Coworking Europe Hub

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