Coworking Cafés: are they heading towards the greatest future?

We see more and more cafés offering coworking services. Some restaurants and hotels are also embracing the same model. We have recently seen Startbucks offering a “coworking on the 1st floor” in Asia, for instance. What makes them different from pure coworking players or coffee shops? Can they be successful?


Duration: 49 minutes

Price: 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)

High level discussion on coworking cafés and they future

    • Are cafés offering coworking services direct competition of coworking cafés?
    • Can the café-coworking model be one of the solutions to bring the coworking experience and environment in the suburbs and countryside?
    • Does the café-coworking model just fit big cities for urban workers?
    • In this business model, is coworking the revenue generator and coffee and accessory or is coworking a means to lure people in and sell more coffee? 
    • Are there certain working needs which are incompatible with the café-coworking environment?

Panel discussion with different coworking café founders  

Leonid Goncharov: “Café Coworking model is one of the best adapted and most flexible for third places, for work, meeting, organising events… I think the Café Coworking model will take a big chunk of the third places market”


Tobias Kremkau: “The café is the first step into that world. It should be as accessible and easy to try as possible” 


Panel: Are Coworking Cafés heading for the greatest future?
Recorded – November 11th, 2020 – Coworking Europe Hub

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