Coworking under the sun – Is remote work here to stay?

Since Covid-19 pandemic started, but also prior to it, we hear that a great deal of people are just taking their suitcases and bags and going for six months somewhere under a palm tree to keep working on different activities from there. As far as you can home-work, you can work from any place on earth. On the other hand, a big deal of traditional holiday destinations, cities and regions, are marketing themselves as perfect spots for long term stays for digital nomads. To the extend that some of them actually see in it a solution to move away from the damaging mass tourism model. Is remote work here to stay? Let’s discuss with three operators and players from different countries that offer spaces and services for digital nomads and remote workers. What’s their experience on the matter and how do they envision the future? 


Duration: 45 minutes

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High level discussion on remote work

    • How far is the remote work model going? 
    • Is the model limited to some people or can remote work be implemented anywhere?
    • How important could this model become in the upcoming future? 
    • What are the legal compliances HR departments have to deal with?
    • What’s the current situation in the coliving market? 

Panel discussion with international players building ecosystems for remote workers

    • Daniel Goebel, Co-founder at CoCoHub (Malta), the first decentralized global coliving & coworking community for digital nomads. 
    • Lavinia Iosub, Managing Partner at Livit (Bali), a digital and physical hub for disruptive business-building, sustainable remote work structures and innovative entrepreneurial skills. 
    • Nacho Rodrigues, Founder at repeople (Las Palmas), a living lab building ecosystems for remote workers in Canary Islands. 

Nacho Rodrigues: “The remote work stigma is gone. Companies, corporates and most importantly public institution and workers have also been exposed to remote work and they now see that it is possible and that needs regulations. I think the growth is going to be exponential: remote work is here to stay”

Lavinia Iosub: “I definitely see a changing. I see more people being interested in having distributed teams, having a retreat once a year, an off-site event… Also people from bigger cities, that run companies or that are part of the company having the possibility to work from home and decide to work from any other place”  


Panel: Coworking under the sun. Will the model become a pattern for a whole new generation of workers?
Recorded – December 9th, 2020 – Coworking Europe Hub

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