Coworking space trends in Europe 2020-2021

Coworking space trends in Europe for 2020-2021: those are the results of the Coworking Survey Europe 2020. The Global Coworking Survey is the world most comprehensive study on coworking. The Coworking Survey Europe was conducted on November 2020 and the first results were presented by Carsten Foertsch, Founder & Editor of Deskmag (Berlin), at Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference at the end of the same month.


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The freshest data on Coworking Space trends during Covid-19 times

The freshest data of coworking space trends in Europe was presented during the Coworking Europe 2020 conference. Carsten’s keynote offered answers to the following questions:

  • Have coworking spaces adapted their business models during the pandemic? And how?
  • How has the demand changed as the first wave subsided?
  • Have landlords reacted to rent renegotiations?
  • How much have measures against the coronavirus influenced the maximum capacity of workstations?
  • Share of the current coworking spaces would survive the pandemic if the current situation remains unchanged for another twelve months?
  • What percentage of revenue have coworking spaces lost to date due to the pandemic?
  • Trends expect operators for the real Post-Covid-19 time?

Image to see the business situation of coworking spaces in Europe

Coworking Survey Europe 2020-2021 – Latest Data

Carsten Foartsch presentation offered an overview of the current and future situation of Coworking Spaces in Europe.

The share of (small) Coworking Spaces has risen in small cities and rural areas.

The prohibition of physical events have negatively impacted community oriented activities despite their demand.

Legal measures such as distancing rules often have shrunk the desk capacity, especially in open workspaces.

Speaker presentation

You can download Deskmag report here. The results cover the time from shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak until the second wave and its new ‘lockdowns’. The report also shows you what trends operators of coworking spaces expect for the real post-Covid era.

Global Coworking Survey – Latest Data
Recorded – November 25th – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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