The value chain of coworking: evolution of the business model

As new coworking supply increases, the operating business model adopted by owners and operators will be evolving. The business model for coworking shares similarities with the hospitality business and Andri Rabetanety, an expert in Real Estate Finance and hospitality, explains how coworking is following the path that the hotel industry took from the late 50’s until now. He compares both evolutions for a better understanding of how coworking will scale and develop. What is the value chain of coworking now and how will it look like in the future? Insightful talk by Andri Rabetanety.


Duration : 10 minutes

Price : 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)

A high level talk on the value chain of coworking

    • What are the similarities between the coworking and hospitality business?
    • How did hotels scale their businesses?
    • What does this mean for coworking
    • What would it take for coworking to scale
    • Real Estate Management, Operations, Brand Management: is this the new coworking value chain?
    • How should the coworking growth toolbox look like to achieve 30% penetration by 2030?

Insightful talk with a Real Estate Finance and Hospitality expert 

Andri Rabetanety: “I hope this presentation has enlighten some ideas to develop further growth for coworking using the toolbox of hotel business disintegration of their business model”


Real Estate Management, Operations, Brand Management: the new coworking value chain?
Recorded – November 25th, 2020 – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference 

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