Should coworking operators make sales partnerships with brokers?

Should coworking operators make sales partnerships with brokers? If you’re considering a collaboration with a broker, what kind of referral scheme would better fit you? Are there regional differences when approaching brokers? The following presentation made by Konrad Szaruga offers a closer view of the role of a broker for coworking operators that are looking to better understand how they operate and how to better work and collaborate with them.  


Duration : 35 minutes

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A high level presentation on coworking partnerships with brokers

    • Does it make sense for coworking spaces to partnership with brokers to engage with potential tenants?
    • Are real estate brokers really getting the shift towards flexibility and satellite workspaces?
    • What has changed in the market and how to deal with brokers?
    • Has the pandemic increased the tendency of companies switching from traditional to flexible workspace solutions?

Insightful talk with a real estate expert 

    • Konrad Szaruga, Head of Flexible Workplace at CBRE Poland (Warsaw). Konrad is an expert with 12 years experience in commercial real estate market with a vast knowledge regarding flexible office solutions and coworking. 

Konrad Szaruga: “80% of the operators that I work for, do all the mistakes that are shown in these slides; from not knowing what product fits to which client, or what is the channel to connect with a particular client, to the lack of awareness of the dynamics of the market” 

Partnering up with a broker to engage with tenants?
Recorded – November 26th, 2020 – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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