Wi-Fi and security challenges in the flexible workplace

Tech installation is a big source of value for shared workspace users as well as for coworking operators. In a post Covid-19 world, we want to ensure we can adapt to future lockdowns and future pandemics and learn from the experiences of the past months. So it’s really important that we adapt our workplaces by implementing a lot of contactless and media forms of access and interaction to create this future proof well. What are the Wi-Fi and security challenges in the flexible workplace? Which are the most important flex space needs and pain points? How to weave things properly and get the most out of the technology around us? Learn more about it.


Duration : 40 minutes

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A high level discussion on Wi-Fi and security challenges in flexible workplaces

    • Why is it so important the member experience when talking about Wi-Fi and security challenges?
    • What are the technical factors required to offer a secure and high performing Wi-Fi network?  
    • How to gain control over complex infrastructures in order to differentiate tenant experience?
    • How can you make access safe and seamless for your members? 
    • How can you improve the decision making process, spot weak areas and identify new opportunities? 
    • How can you adapt your workplace for a post Covid-19 world

Insightful conversation with James Shannon from essensys

    • James Shannon, Chief Product & Technology Officer at essensys (Twyford)

James Shannon: “Empowering your customers with seamless, reliable and secure services that keep them productive throughout the day is essential in a competitive market”

Dealing with Wifi and security challenge, collect data and create market intelligence through your tech installation
Recorded – November 27th, 2020 – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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