Flexible workspaces benefit companies, employees and cities

Katharina von Schacky is the Head of Real Estate Strategy for Northern Europe at WeWork. Katharina shares how and why the truly flexible workspace will benefit everyone: “Flexibility is what employees want and flexibility will benefit companies and cities as well”, affirms. She goes through WeWork’s products and the challenges they are facing, from the failed IPO to the new direction of WeWork’s core business as a space as a service, and adds what WeWork does to make its vision of “How flexible workspaces will benefit companies, employees and cities” happen. Learn more about it here.


Duration: 24 minutes

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A high level presentation on how flexible workspaces will benefit everyone

    • What’s the current situation of WeWork after its failed IPO? 
    • What are the common priorities of leaders responsible of millions of employees?  
    • What do companies want for their employees, businesses and workplace?
    • What do employees want and expect from their companies? 
    • What are the solutions that flexible workspaces can offer to all those needs? 
    • How can cities benefit from flexible workspaces? 

Insightful presentation by one of WeWork’s Head of Real Estate Strategy 

    • Katharina von Schacky, Head of Real Estate Strategy for Northern Europe at WeWork (Düsseldorf)

Katharina von Schacky: “We are constantly adapting our products because that’s what we need to do to meet our members’ needs. We are convinced that flexible office space is beyond to how tomorrow works” 

How a flexible workplace will benefit companies, employees & cities and what WeWork does to make the vision happen
Recorded – November 27th, 2020 – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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