Agile workplace – buzzword or an innovation tool?

Agile workplace: is it a buzzword or an innovation tool? Designers strive to find the ideal form for the workplace. Names and approaches change in time while the goal is the same. Martin Stára talks about the importance of not hiding behind buzzwords but to understand users and their needs. His goal is to describe the workplace as a tool for productivity as well as the work community from the perspective of an architect.


Duration : 34 minutes

Price : 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)

A high level talk on agile working

    • What is innovation?
    • What can we understand by agile working
    • How do we implement agility
    • What are the next steps for workplace design

Insightful talk by an architect 

    • Martin Stára, Co-founder and CEO at Perspektiv (Prague)

Martin Stára: “We are living in times of change and the change is so fast and dramatic that we need to be able to create a space that is able to respond to that change”

Agile workplace – buzzword or an innovation tool?
Recorded – November 27th – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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