The evolution of hospitality in flex spaces

After facility management, historically focused on managing technology and infrastructure, comes hospitality management, where human beings and customer’s needs are at the centre of the business. Why CBRE enters the coworking business with its Hana brand? And why does it makes sense in a new generation of real estate services? Paul Nellist and Edward Harbison, managers of Hana, share the evolution of hospitality in flex spaces to answer these questions.


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A high level presentation on the evolution of hospitality in flex spaces 

    • What’s been the impact of Covid-19 on Hana and the flex space sector?
    • What’s the concept of Hana, its products, its models of occupancy and the evolution of its deal structures?
    • What’s been the evolution of the flex space and wider market? 
    • What’s the employees common concern about heading to the office? 
    • What are the big changes to expect in the workplace? 

Insightful presentation from the Hana experience

    • Paul Nellist, Managing Director, EMEA at Hana (London)
    • Edward Harbison, Marketing Director at Hanna – CBRE (London)

Paul Nellist: “Hana was stablished back in 2018 due to there being a gap for occupiers as there was a significant demand for more professional, higher quality, sophisticated flexible workspace offering. We’ve also seen this demand coming from owners too. What CBRE was repeatedly hearing from its clients was that they wanted to continuously work with a trusted and reliable partner in the flex sector” 

Speaker presentation 

The Evolution of Hospitality in Flex Spaces

Why hospitality is now a need in facility management? The Hana experience
Recorded – November 25th, 2020 – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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