Impact Hub – The world’s largest coworking network focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale

Barbara Inmann leads Impact Hub Vienna, one hub among more than 100 locations worldwide. In 10 years, Impact Hub has become the world’s largest global network of non for profit coworking communities, with presence on five continents. How did the network succeed and what are the challenges they overcome daily? Explanation through the lenses of one of its first and most important member space.



Duration : 17 minutes

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An interesting talk about Impact Hub as a global network

    • What is the Impact Hub
    • How is the global network structured
    • How do the different member spaces work together?
    • What are the success factors of Impact Hub? 
    • What are the challenges Impact Hub is facing during Covid-19 times and how do they deal with them? 

Insightful presentation by one of Impact Hub’s managers

    • Barbara Inmann, Managing Director at Impact Hub Vienna (Vienna). Barbara Inmann’s focus is to break up silos, build bridges and connect diverse stakeholders to create new solutions that address societal issues in an innovative and sustainable way. 

Barbara Inmann: “One of the success factors is that we don’t focus just in coworking but way more. We hear a lot of real estate and this is more about themes and how you can add value to real estate to build communities and make a difference in the world”


Speaker presentation 

Impact Hub – The world’s largest network focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale


Impact Hub – Coordinating the world largest independent coworking spaces network
Recorded – November 25th – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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