Optimise your coworking space by integrating workplace wellness into your strategy

Recognising the landscape of work and our relationship to office space has been impacted significantly through Covid-19. Coworking operators are required to innovate to repositioning for the future. Well-being of their members is now needed in a more meaningful way than ever before. Christina Disler presents thoughtful ways to design spaces and its operations to prioritise and optimise workplace wellness with minimal costs. She has been featured as a workplace wellness expert by global publications, and awarded the Canadian Federal Government’s Women Entrepreneurship Fund in 2019 for leading the conversation in workplace wellness through her publication called The Werk, and is passionate about contributing back to the coworking industry where her entrepreneurial career began. Learn more about it in the following talk: “How to optimise coworking spaces by integrating workplace wellness“. 


Duration : 40 minutes

Price : 45€ (or buy the 2021 Year Subscription package here)

A high level talk on how to optimise coworking spaces by integrating workplace wellness

    • How do we get people in the best stage to get the best work
    • How to integrate wellness in the workplace
    • How to keep people in your space once they walk in?  
    • How do we show companies that we care about the wellbeing of their people in our space? 
    • What are some tips & tricks to implement a workplace wellness strategy in your space?  

Insightful talk by an organisational people strategist expert

Christina Disler: “If we are well and in our most optimised state, we produce our most brilliant work and that means we have well and healthy businesses that are highly optimised” 

Workplace Wellbeing (Spatial design and strategy) in the Covid19 and post-Covid19 times
Recorded – November 27th – Coworking Europe 2020 virtual conference

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