From brokers to booking platforms – Sales channels in the coworking industry (Panel)

New sales channels are appearing in the coworking and flex workspace industry as traditional brokers are opening new “Flexible Office” brokerage services and booking platforms


A high level panel discussion on sales channels in the coworking industry

    • How to approach lead generation in changing environments?
    • How to use those new tools?
    • How to keep your unique value proposition visible with intermediaries?  
    • These and many more questions are answered by practitioners

Discussion about sales channels with best Coworking sales experts 

    • Vikas Lakhani, Co-Founder at InstaOffice (Delhi) 
    • James Rankin, Head of Research and Insight at The Instant Group (Winchester)
    • Jakob Dalhoff, CEO & Partner at MatchOffice (Copenhagen)
    • Brett Hartle, Director of Sales-Europe at Upflex (Warsaw)

Duration: 47 minutes

Price: 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)


Check out the panel preview

Vikas Lakhani: “The clear trend that we see now is more and more demand coming from booking platforms”

Jakob Dalhoff: “70% don’t read the description, they look at the pictures”

Brett Hartle: “If we are working with an international company that is looking for a simplified single agreement with any coworking space because they want flexibility, we do that negotiation for them”


Sales channels – Between the upcoming “” of coworking and traditional real estate brokers. How to find the right balance and increase your lead generation. Between the upcoming “” of coworking and traditional real estate brokers
Recorded – November 26th, 2020 – Coworking Europe virtual conference 

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