Best practices in fundraising & financing a coworking space

A session with the founder and fundraiser of StartDock, Thom Wernke, who set up and financed three coworking spaces and took an entire year to dive into his f*ck-ups. Thom now shares with us his lessons and best practices in fundraising & financing a coworking space.


A high level talk on best practices in fundraising & financing a coworking space

    • Do you want to start a coworking space?
    • Do you own a coworking space but corona hit hard and need new finances soon? 
    • Do you already have a coworking space and wish to open a new one
    • Funding a coworking space: what are the options

Lessons learned & best practices by Thom Wernke

    • Thom Wernke, CEO & Founder at StartDock Coworking (Amsterdam). Thom started StartDock Coworking in 2016 on his 24th, together with 2 business partners on the royal Herengracht canal in Amsterdam. StartDock has now 3 locations, two in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam. 

Coworking is the highly necessary innovation in real estate. We change people’s way of thinking and bring work happiness, network and inspiration for the people who use coworking spaces. We’re on a joint mission to change the way people see ‘work’, and we’ll worldwide definitely reach this goal within now and five years

Duration: 26 minutes

Price: 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)

The best practices in fundraising and financing a -new to open- coworking space
Recorded – November 25th, 2020 – Coworking Europe virtual conference

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