How did coworking spaces adapt their operations for Covid? (Panel) 

We are in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis in Europe. Some countries are again in lockdown, demanding workers to stay at home and work from there. New working habits are emerging and new measures and innovations had to be implemented in the coworking sector to offer safe environments to the clients. How did coworking spaces adapt their operations for Covid?


Duration: 40 minutes

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High level discussion on how coworking spaces adapt their operations for Covid

    • How did coworking operators address the Covid-19 situation?
    • Are coworking spaces changing their value proposition?
    • Will new measures and innovations at coworking spaces last long?
    • Are members’ expectations changing?
    • Are events part of the past or will events be of another nature?
    • How digital are coworking spaces becoming?

Panel discussion with an international crew of coworking founders & CEOs

Joao Simoes: “Our team is constantly cleaning and disinfecting the space. If you go to a meeting room or phone room, immediately after you use it, we go there, we clean it, we sanitise, we put a green stamp: “it’s safe, it’s clean”. We are taking care of everything for their safety”

Luca Diodà: “We are quite optimistic about the future of the coworking sector. We have a new customer now: companies that decide to leave their old office spaces and use coworking facilities” 


What the Coronavirus has changed in terms of work habits and what are the opportunities for Coworking operators?
Recorded – November 25th, 2020 – Coworking Europe virtual conference

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