Coworking Customer Journey: the ultimate guide from lead reception to member retention

Lead capture, conversion, membership and customer satisfaction. This presentation on “Coworking Customer Journey: the ultimate guide from lead reception to member retention” outlines the customer relationship process coworking spaces go through, spotting the steps that support and ultimately improve sales and customer retention rate. 


Duration: 42 minutes

Price: 45€ (or buy the Year Subscription package here)

A high level talk on Customer Journey in Coworking Spaces

    • What’s the best process from lead reception to conversion?
    • How to best onboard a new member
    • How to automate processes (mailings, automatic responses, etc.)? 
    • How to best foster loyalty among your members and community? 
    • How to design proper satisfaction survey?


 Alexandra Ramió: “Make sure your team is motivated. They are full time in front of the client; if the team is happy and like what they do, they will be the ones improving your business, trying to do up-sellings, taking care of the coworkers, making sure the space looks nice and is the solution coworkers are looking for. The team is the first step of having a good customer journey result”

Knowledgeable presentation by Vanessa Sans and Alexandra Ramió

    • Vanesasa Sans, Founder and Coworking & Coliving Consultant at Happy Working Lab (Barcelona). 
    • Alexandra Ramió, Coliving & Coworking Worldwide Consultant at Happy Working Lab (Barcelona). 

HWL is a European consultancy based in Barcelona and operating worldwide since 2015. They are specialised in the new models of collaborative economy, specially in coworking and coliving. Vanessa and Alexandra accompany people and companies throughout the whole process of designing a coworking or coliving, from the analysis of the property, conceptualisation, design, feasibility study, to the implementation of the business. 

Coworking Customer Journey – A step by step process to improve leads conversion and members retention
Recorded – November 27th, 2020 – Coworking Europe virtual conference

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