Coworking spaces in shopping malls – A love story for the coming decade?

We are seeing more and more coworking spaces in shopping malls. Shopping centre operators are more and more starting to integrate coworking spaces within their walls; they are looking for more diversification as e-commerce takes an ever greater share from the traditional retail sector. Why? How? How much? What are the challenges? In this discussion we look for the perspectives of both the shopping centre owners and coworking operators.


Duration : 48 minutes

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High level discussion on coworking spaces in shopping malls

    • What’s the current situation of shopping centres
    • Does it make sense to implement coworking spaces in shopping centres?
    • What are the pros & cons of doing your own coworking space as a commercial real estate company? Does it make sense, on the other hand, to partner up with an already exciting coworking space operator? 
    • How much a coworking space adds to the ecosystem of a shopping mall?
    • These and many more questions are discussed in this panel 

Panel discussion with shopping centres experts

    • Clément Goutagny, Director Innovation & Business Development at Mercialys (Paris)
    • Caroline Meeder, Head of Department Office at ECE Marketplaces (Hamburg)
    • Tom Whittington, Director of Retail & Leisure Research at Savills (Manchester)

Clément Goutagny: “My job is to figure out what could be the perfect fit to be added to our retail activities. What could bring more people to shopping centres and consolidate the existing model? Coworking spaces are a big development for us; we have tested it in the last year and it is so far maybe the most booming one” 

Tom Whittington: “The property industry is being guilty of creating asset class islands: you build a retail scheme, an office scheme or a residential scheme… and increasingly we are recognizing the need to kind of blend all those things together and to create something that actually serves a greater need. And coworking is a really important part to play on that” 


Coworking spaces and Shopping Malls – A love story for the coming decade?
Recorded – February 3rd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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