Audio & video studios in coworking spaces: a new hot selling product?

During Covid19 times, physical meetings and events are not possible. On the other hand, online content production is on the rise. Can audio and video recording studios in coworking spaces become a new hot selling product in the market? Anticafé, a coworking space in Paris, launched a few months ago a new service: AntiStudio for recording and streaming podcasts and virtual events. Coworking Europe has discussed the initiative with Leonid Goncharov, the CEO of Anticafé, to find out more.


Duration : 24,30 minutes

Price : 45€ (or buy the 2021 Year Subscription package here)

A high level talk on audio & video studios in coworking spaces

    • Does the coworking sector need to upgrade its services to a higher level? 
    • Is hybridisation part of our lives now and will stay here forever? 
    • What’s the audience you could be targeting with this new service?  
    • How can we face the future of our coworking spaces? 
    • These and many more questions are on the table in the discussion

Insightful talk with Leonid Goncharov

    • Leonid Goncharov, Founder & CEO of Anticafé, the first café+coworking in Europe that opened 8 years ago. Anticafé is now a network of 14 spaces in Paris, Rome, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Aix-en-Provence. 

We need to keep the offer and services up to the requirements of our clients which are currently changing: we have to give them as flexible as possible access to the space and the equipment and, on the other hand, make them feel at home and part of the community. Cover the technical part and the feeling, human part. And both those needs are evolving”

Can audio & video studios become a new hot selling product for coworking spaces, just like meeting rooms?
Recorded – February 3rd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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