The 8 different categories of coworking brands

As the coworking offering is growing, it also comes more and more the need market segmentation. Zoe Ellis-Moore has a background in Real Estate and hospitality. Zoe spotted 8 different categories of coworking brands matching different user profiles and expectations. Coworking Europe goes through Zoe’s research and investigate the takeaways for coworking space’s operations and decision making.


Duration : 40 minutes

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A high level interview on the 8 different categories of coworking brands

    • Who is your audience
    • What are the dynamics of your location
    • What are the demographics and the businesses in your area
    • How can you build the right product for your audience
    • How can you make your brand profitable
    • How can you make revenue generating marketing


 Zoe Ellis-Moore: “I get quite frustrated with the old models of 4 P’s or the 7 models. Property marketing and coworking marketing are much more sophisticated, because you have so many more dynamics: you gotta think about partnerships, purpose, property management… It is much more complex than any other kind of marketing” 

Insightful conversation with Zoe Ellis-Moore 

    • Zoe Ellis-Moore has built an 18-year career out of being passionate about commercial spaces and how people engage with them. In her role at Spaces to Places, she works with investors, landlords, franchisees and operators in the flexible office space. Her approach is built on the concept of marketing intelligence – driving value through research-led market insights that make a difference. She has taken on diverse projects with Spaces to Places so far, from advising investors on the administration of The Clubhouse London to carrying out a full rebrand for Worting House in Basingstoke.

The 8 different categories of coworking brands
Recorded – February 3rd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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