The limited role of IoT technology and sensors for workplace layout optimisation

Axel Tasiaux is partner at AREMIS Group, a Brussels based leading European provider of consultancy, services and technologies for managing property and the work environment. AREMIS has helped big corporations such as Peugeot, UCB, Airbus and more, in their workplace strategy and implementation. The purpose of this conversation between Coworking Europe and Axel Tasiaux is to go through his reflection about Internet of Things (IoT) for workspaces and office buildings, figuring out where the mis-conceptions sometimes are. IoT can be useful, but is never sufficient and certainly not a starting point. AREMIS is specialised on how technology can support large companies to manage workplace environments and recommends to take the development of sensors and other IoT solutions with a grain of salt. Learn more about it here. 


Duration : 41 minutes

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A high level talk on the limited role of IoT technology and sensors for workplace layout optimisation

    • IoT, devises, sensors… do they give us the right information on how people are using the spaces
    • How to enter an evolutive approach when putting in place a flexible workplaces strategy?
    • What is a smart building and what isn’t?
    • What should we take into consideration before designing the layout of the space
    • Why is it so important to first understand the human dimension when building a work environment?

Knowledgeable talk with Axel Tasiaux, workplace tech expert

    • Axel Tasiaux is the Director of Innovation at AREMIS Group. He supports organisations in their digital transformation from their traditional IWMS/FMIS systems to a model open to the creative disruptivity of the last techs. 

“When I build, in a corporate building, a flexible work environment, it’s something evolutive, because the very first project will be created on an expectation of how the people will use it. And it will be only validated when people will use the place. Since the behaviour of people will change over time, the different zones we have prepared for them will have to be tuned to be adapted over time as well. That’s the real challenge of facility management. That’s why it’s important to monitor how people are using the spaces”

The limited role of IoT Tech and sensors for companies’ workplace layout optimization
Recorded – February 3rd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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