Opening a new coworking location while Covid-19 is still around

Even though Covid-19 is still around, opening a new coworking location doesn’t seem that crazy after all. Grytte, an independent network of coworkings in the Netherlands, announced recently the opening of a third location in a small town. Mindspace, on his side, has kept its plans of opening new coworking spaces in London and Tel Aviv. Coworking Elbvororte is opening its first location nearby Hamburg. Despite the fact that we are still in the middle of the pandemic, coworking operators keep opening locations betting on the soon to be over crisis and the spike in coworking demand that could follow. Insightful discussions about the why’s and how’s.


A high level discussion on opening new coworking locations while Covid-19 is around

    • Why does it make sense to open a new coworking location now?
    • What should be taken into account before opening a new location during Covid-19 times?
    • What are the insights, thoughts and processes behind the idea of opening the new space?
    • What are the benefits and challenges of opening new coworking spaces in suburb and rural areas?  
    • Are landlords and property owners more willing to partner up with coworking operators now?

Insightful talk about the how’s and why’s with coworking space providers

    • Samantha van Londen, Partner at Grytte (Utrecht)
    • Danny Babington, Broker & Agent Relations Manager at Mindspace (London)
    • Hilke Zedler, Founder at Coworking Elbvororte (Hamburg) 

Danny Babington: “We’ve always had so much optimism of the future of flex so in that sense, even opening up in Covid times, we are still confident that we’ve done and are doing the right thing”

Opening new coworking locations while Covid19 is still around. What brings the faith up and what are the potential changes?
Recorded – March 3rd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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