The Irish government launches a 5 Mio € support call to boost the coworking offering in the countryside

As one of the most willing authority in Europe in terms of supporting the development of rural coworking, the Irish government launches a 5 Mio € support call to boost coworking in the countryside. Dublin plans to fund remote hubs in rural towns and villages over the next two years as part of a State strategy on remote working. This ambitious policy worries some of the private co working operators, though. Coworking Europe offered this interesting Round-Table between representatives of the Irish Government and the Ireland Coworking Association. Learn more about the Irish case here. 


Duration: 1 hour

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A high level conversation on the Irish plans to support coworking in the countryside 

    • Why is the Irish government one of the most willing authorities in Europe to support coworking in the countryside
    • What are the policies and strategies that are being implemented in Ireland right know to develop the coworking and remote work offering?
    • How can coworking operators and other services bring back the jobs to the countryside and smaller towns?
    • How to take the chance of increasing the coworking opportunities in remote areas while not hurting some of the existing market forces?

Insightful talk with representatives of the Irish government and the Ireland Coworking Association


Ireland’s National Hubs Network Survey

The Western Development Commission and the Department of Community and Rural Development have launched their National Hubs Network Survey. This survey is an opportunity for hubs around the country to be viewed, not just as stand-alone entities, but as a significant piece of collective infrastructure that can help to drive economic recovery and regeneration for communities throughout Ireland. You can take the survey here


The Government of Ireland is putting in place one of the most ambitious plan to develop coworking in the countryside
Recorded – Data, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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