Does it make sense for property owners to offer coworking services by themselves?

The flex workspace wave is expected to rise in the upcoming future. Traditional corporate occupiers consider to substantially decrease their office surface while Real Estate property owners are aware of their need to embrace flexibility and service; some partner up with third party coworking operators, some sign up regular leasing contracts with national or international well-known coworking brands, some others choose to develop coworking services by themselves or even create their own in-house coworking brand. Does it make sense for property owners to offer coworking services by themselves? We have a discussion about the how and why’s. 



Duration : 43 minutes

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A high level discussion on real estate property owners offering coworking services by themselves

    • What is the future of the collaboration between landlords, property owners and coworking services in the coworking and flex workspace industry?
    • What can be the face of coworking service provision in the future?
    • What’s the white label concept within the real estate industry? 
    • How can digitalisation help in every process as an occupier? 
    • These and more questions are put on the table in this panel discussion

Insightful talk with coworking, flexible workspace and real estate sector experts 

    • Petr Boruta, Head of Marketing at Spaceflow (Prague)
    • Maciej Krol, Acting Managing Director at Business Link (Warsaw)
    • Stéphane Delaporte, Chief Marketing Officer at Deskeo (Paris) 

Maciej Krol: “When we look at regional markets we can see a lot of local players growing very fast, much faster than worldwide players. This is the consequence of the fact that local markets growth is based on the understanding of the local needs. My perception is that is not only about the brand but at the end about the culture of the organisation and the quality of the service provided”

How do property owners develop coworking brands or services by themselves?
Recorded – April 7th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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