Closing and opening a coworking location due to Covid-19: The Melting Pot story

Claire Carpenter has been operating The Melting Pot in Edinburgh for many years. The Covid-19 crisis forced her to shut down. Just a few months later, Claire is re-opening in a new location, showing how resilient independent coworking operators can be. A discussion about the practicalities of re-boot, motivation and keeping the faith in the business that no pandemic can kill. Learn more about The Melting Pot story in the following interview “Closing and opening a coworking location due to Covid-19”. 


Duration: 33 minutes

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A personal interview about closing and opening a coworking location due to Covid-19

    • How was the journey for The Melting Pot over 13 years as a Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation and pioneers of coworking in the UK? 
    • How hard Covid-19 hit the organisation and the Edinburgh city?
    • Why did they make the decision to close the space and how did they do it?
    • How was the re-opening decision process into a new location? 
    • These and more questions are answered in this interview 

Insightful talk with The Melting Pot 

Claire Carpenter: “We still want to scale. We believe coworking is going to come back big style. How much advertisement has coworking had this year? Massive! People who never heard about coworking has started to think about coworking or flex space” 

Close and re-open in a new location – A story of coworking resilience during Covid-19 times
Recorded – April 7th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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