Israel: a window into the post-Covid coworking world

Are people back in coworking spaces in Israel, the 1st fully vaccinated country in the world? Nir Kelner, chief of Brain Embassy Israel, has been sharing with Coworking Europe the Tel Aviv’s coworking experience since the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, in early 2020. Israel is already in the post-Covid re-bounce, months before Europe. For a year now, the country has been a window into the future of what to expect in Europe and in a post-Covid coworking world once things start to get back to a more normal situation. Being the most vaccinated country in the world in April 2021, we will hear from him whether people are coming back in coworking spaces in Tel Aviv and whether the rush for more flex workspace solutions that everyone is expected is becoming real.


Duration: 28 minutes

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An interesting testimonial: Israel as a window into a post-Covid coworking world 

    • What’s the current situation at Brain Embassy and Israel?
    • What can we learn and expect in Europe taking into account that they are months ahead of us?
    • How does Brain Embassy envision the flex workspace future? 
    • Are customers pre, during and post Covid-19 times different? How? 
    • How will Brain Embassy position itself in the future? 

Insightful conversation with Brain Embassy’s CEO

Nir Kelner: “We have a huge demand for events, it’s unbelievable. Events are still held under restrictions with the capacity of 100 people but I see people want to go back to physical contact. We had our first community event after the pandemic and it was amazing, it was packed with people. I feel people missed the physical communication with one another”

Are people back in coworking spaces in Israel, the 1st fully vaccinated country in the world?
Recorded – May 5th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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