How to fund your regional coworking expansion? – The DoSpace Sweden case

DoSpace is a coworking operator founded four years ago in the Swedish city of Linköping. The company announced a few weeks ago that it raised close to €1 million to support its further expansion across the country. DoSpace currently operates seven locations in four Swedish cities and it plans to have 30 location all over Sweden within the next five years. How a regional coworking player has raised almost €1 million during Covid-19 times to expand its network all over Sweden? It seems that the Covid-19 pandemic has actually raised the interest for more coworking options, too. Coworking Europe has interviewed DoSpace’s founder to learn more about their story, to find out how they managed to fund their regional coworking expansion during Covid-19 times and how their future plans look like.


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An interesting conversation with DoSpace about how they funded their regional coworking expansion 

    • What has been driving the growth of DoSpace in the past 4 years?
    • What’s driving the growth at the moment? 
    • How did DoSpace go through the Covid-19 pandemic? 
    • How did DoSpace manage to get investors during the crisis? 
    • What are the plans of DoSpace and how do they want to grow from now on? 

Insightful conversation with DoSpace’s founder

    • Niclas Söör, Founder & CEO at DoSpace (Linköping)

Niclas Söör: “Investors believed in our view of how the future will look like in the office market. Investors think it’s a good time to invest in a company like ours, because they believe that the restrictions with remote work and all the implications of that going forward will have a positive effect on the demand of our type of services”

How a regional coworking player has raised almost €1 million during Covid times to expand its network all over Sweden
Recorded – May 5th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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