Greece: remote work visas for professionals with reduced tax implications

Haz Memon is the Co-Founder at Swiss Escape and Greek Escape, a co-living and coworking company running operations in Switzerland and Greece since 2016. Haz is also the Co-Founder at Co-Living Hub, a global co-living association with 250 co-living operators across the world. Since both projects started they witnessed a huge boost in remote work over the years and, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the increase has gone even further. It is not needed to educate people about co-living and coworking anymore as remote work has become a normal word for all of us. Even countries have jumped on the train: Greece, for example, is working on offering remote work visas for professionals to market itself as a remote work destination. Coworking Europe has interviewed Haz Memon to find out more about his experience in Switzerland and Greece regarding remote work and how he envisions the future.


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An interesting conversation on coworking, co-living and remote work in Greece and Switzerland

    • What’s the current situation in Switzerland regarding remote work? 
    • How is Greece trying to position itself nowadays? 
    • What’s the experience at Co-Living Hub regarding co-living options for remote workers?
    • How does the future of remote work, co-living, hotels & hospitality in general look like? 
    • What can we learn from Haz Memon experience?

Insightful conversation with an expert on the field

    • Hazique Memon, Co-Founder at Swiss Escape (Grimentz) and Greek Escape (Crete), both coworking and co-living spaces in Switzerland and Greece for remote workers, digital nomads, team retreats and those who enjoy location independent lifestyle. 

Hazique Memon: “Greece is a very interesting example as the whole country itself is re-modeling into a destination for remote work. Currently, I’m working with government officials to discuss the possibility of creating Remote Work Visas for professionals to come and live in Greece for the long term. And they have a reduced tax implication as well when they choose to get this specific work permit. Greece is pushing for remote work because they want to shift from just a tourist destination to a remote work destination. That’s why we are seeing a huge boom of new coworking spaces and co-living spaces being set up”

“Countries such as Greece consider to change residence rules to boost co-living and remote work”
Recorded – May 11th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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