Investors request EDGE to offer flexibility and hospitality on top of smart iconic buildings

EDGE is a Holland based developer of smart buildings. Recently, the so called EDGE Building in Amsterdam was awarded the title of greenest and most efficient building in the world. As one hears a lot about landlords developing their own coworking brand, we see now real estate developers following the same way. EDGE has amplified its efforts to install cutting-edge technologies to make facilities greener and healthier. EDGE is also investing now in the hospitality service side, with EDGE Workspaces, the company’s flexible workspace brand. After Amsterdam, EDGE Workspaces just opened up a new location in Berlin. We will discuss with Vivian Suhr about the international plans of EDGE and EDGE Workspaces as the whole new strategy started when investors request EDGE to offer flexibility and hospitality on top of smart iconic buildings. Learn more about it here. 


Duration: 25 minutes

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An interesting conversation about EDGE currently offering iconic buildings, flexibility and hospitality 

    • Why a developer of a building considers investing in developing hospitality services
    • What is EDGE Technologies and EDGE Workspaces
    • Why did EDGE decide to go with its own coworking & flexible workspace brand
    • What’s the ultimate goal of EDGE Workspaces and what’s their focus to gain it? 
    • What’s EDGE vision of the future

Insightful conversation with a real estate developer expert 

Vivian Suhr: “We make buildings and we sell them to investors. Investors want to have a couple of things now that are different from before: 1) nice buildings in a nice place; 2) flexibility in terms of leasing potential of tenants that are in the building; 3) a place where people get connected – here’s where hospitality comes -. The market of investors came up with those ideas and then we decided that we are such an iconic developer so let’s also take care of the tenants that are in the buildings as well and based on the same values that we have within EDGE” 

EDGE: A smart building developer to expand its coworking brand and services internationally
Recorded – June 2nd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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