Davide Dattoli (TAG): “The European coworking and real estate market are fragmented and need consolidation” 

Talent Garden is one of the most important international coworking brands in Europe. The Italy based company has locations in operations in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Spain. The coworking operator has recently announced the opening of new campuses in Barcelona and Lille and four more are to come next months. “The European coworking and real estate market are fragmented and need consolidation”, affirms Davide Dattoli, one of the co-founders and CEO of Talent Garden. Precisely because of this European particularity, Davide Dattoli has become one of the most important figures of the international coworking scene as he managed, as an independent player, to have the biggest broader presence in Europe. Find below a discussion with Talent Garden’s CEO.


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An interesting conversation about Talent Garden and the specificities of the European coworking market

    • What’s the story behind Talent Garden and the secret of its success? 
    • How does Talent Garden create all synergies between all the campuses and how important are second cities for them?
    • How has Talent Garden gone through Covid-19 times? 
    • What are Talent Garden future plans? 
    • How does Talent Garden see the situation of the coworking industry in Europe? 

Insightful conversation with Talent Garden’s CEO

Davide Dattoli: “Europe is not Silicon Valley. In Europe, everything’s different: you need to open in Paris, but you also need to open in Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Copenhague. We believed in this vision since day one and that’s why we were working a lot on trying to make a European network. As an independent player in the middle industry we are for sure the ones with more broader presence” 

Talent Garden to pursue its European expansion. What can stop the Italian coworking giant?
Recorded – June 2nd, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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