Mindpark: “We move from just offering coworking to take in charge the management of whole newly constructed buildings”

Sanna Ekström is one of the Co-founders of Mindpark, a coworking operator more than a decade active in the southern part of Sweden. The company, which started in 2008 as a simple café in the small city of Helsingor, on the shore opposing the Danish capital Copenhague, operates now 4 coworking locations and is one of the most visible brands in the region. The company has lately signed up with a major property developer who asked Mindpark coworking to take in charge the management of a whole newly constructed building in the outskirts of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden.


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An interesting talk about the Mindpark case: a major property owner asked the coworking space to take in charge the management of whole newly constructed buildings

    • How has changed the profile of coworking customers since Mindpark started? 
    • How has the coworking market evolved in Sweden?
    • What are the next steps for Mindpark and what is it becoming?
    • How does Mindpark face the complexity of its growing business? 
    • What’s its current vision and mission? 

Insightful talk with the co-founder of Mindpark

    • Sana Ekström, Co-founder & CEO of Mindpark (Sweden) 

Sanna Ekström: “Because we started off as a café, we learnt service and bringing people together. We can do that in a coworking space or in an event area or restaurant. Our heart is bigger than just coworking, we love the service part as well. And that fits very good with what property developers and landlords face today” 

Mindpark (SE): “We are now asked to take in charge the management of whole new buildings”
Recorded – July 7th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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